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React Native is one of the world’s most popular app development frameworks in modern times. The framework is widely used as a cross-platform application platform that allows companies to launch apps on every platform at once. You name it, Android, iOS, macOS or even web apps, React Native can deliver at your will in the most advanced manner. 

Being used by many named technology giants, including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, React Native has become a leading name when it comes to developing native mobile apps. That’s why most business owners seek partnerships with top mobile app development companies to obtain efficient mobile apps that can help companies generate better ROIs. 

But the one question that remains unanswered is: Why React Native is so popular? Does it have an advantage over other app development frameworks? Continue reading our article and find out the top benefits of using React Native for your mobile application. 

Benefits of using react native platform

1. Wide audience show

Developing a cross-platform mobile app ensures your app gets utmost exposure. This way, you get a much wider audience to grasp and aim towards a much higher probability of your app’s success. Besides having dual-platform adaptability, React Native also ensures easy deployment of your mobile app that brings accessible management features for your app after deploying.  

2. Works well even at a tight budget

If you’re wondering how a mobile app can save your business on a tight budget, then don’t worry. One of the significant benefits of React Native is its ability to develop mobile apps at a lower cost quickly. The platform is easily understood by the developers and is rapidly compiled, leading your app development lifecycle and maximum reduction in capital expenditure. 

3. Rich, personalized UI

React Native framework is an excellent deal if you’re looking for a rich and personalized UI for your app. Its highly native nature produces a more responsive design that allows developers to generate high-quality texts, fonts, scrolling, etc. Furthermore, you can also expect all the Native and rich UI add-on to be launched on the same mobile app.   

4. Transform flawlessly from web pages to mobile app

One of the primary advantages of using React Native is the web to app development functioning feature. With React Native, enterprises can now expect custom-built mobile apps by reusing your code up to 45-50%. This way, programmers don’t need to write codes from scratch, which saves ample time during coding and helps you deliver best-in-class features rapidly. 

5. Lesser memory storage

React Native is one of its kind framework which brings lower storage capacity features for mobile apps. With React Native platform, your mobile application doesn’t need to run cross-bridge linking. It can also ensure that the majority of the codes are executed during the run-time of the application, leading to a much smaller app size. 

6. Easy debugging

Cross-platform mobile apps are in the most suitable position when it comes to finding bugs or fixing apps. With the cross-platform development trend, entrepreneurs can deploy bug fixing measures or renderers in a single platform which will automatically be applied on every platform. So be it Android, Windows, or iOS, your mobile app will be free of maintenance in no time. 

7. Third-party plugin accessibility

To make sure your app becomes a better performer to its extent, developers can now introduce a third-

party plugin in your app. Using React Native, you can allow numerous third-party integration from an extensive JavaScript library owned and operated by Facebook. These libraries can help you choose the best features for your app at zero additional cost or copyright infringement. 

8. Strong community support

React Native has the biggest online community support in the tech industry. Over a million React Native developers help fellow developers and provide real-time help to their problems. Thus, even if your app crashes with spam that is looking impossible to solve, React Native community will always be present to help you in need. 


In this digital era, every entrepreneur aims to give the best mobile app experience to their users. Be it system feasibility, easy to use tools or less maintenance; business owners seek a perfect app software framework that can do all of this. However, as many have failed to produce the best results for themselves, choosing an established mobile app development company to launch your app most effectively is necessary. 

For over 11 years, TechAhead, one of the best React Native app development companies in USA, has served both startups and stalwart firms. The company has developed over 2,000 custom-built applications till now which has paved their way into being a leading app development service provider in the industry. Get in touch with the TechAhead consultants to get started with your next mobile app project.

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