Reasons to Take SAT in High School

The transition from school to college is never an easy one. School is a wonderful place where we spend several years protected in a bubble, but the outside world of college is harsh. So, naturally, the test that decides our academic future is not a cakewalk. SAT, which stands for Scholastic Assessment Test, is a very important part of our application.

Your SAT score can make or break your application. Surely one doesn’t get admission based on just that. The letter of recommendations, the statement of purpose, and the overall achievements play a big role in the admission process. But, SAT scores have a lot of weightage. This test examines your verbal and quantitative skills.

However, students who plan to specialize in any major can also take the SAT subject test. This test allows you to appear for subject tests in Math, English, Science, History, etc. Colleges use the scores of the subject test to gauge your holistic foundation for the chosen subject. Your fundamentals need to be strong for future education and SAT speaks in favor of that.

SAT tests are taken by students all over the world to receive quality international education. This test is prestigious, and thus the amount of work that goes into it is also a lot. But, once you get a good score, it supports your portfolio. It helps you get into the college of your dreams. However, this is not the only reason one should give the SAT.

This article gives you a few reasons why you should take this test.

  1. Wide acceptability: SAT scores are accepted by more than 2000 colleges in the world. Moreover, international education has a value of its own. It opens doors to numerous opportunities that help you take your career to the next level. Its international recognizance is what makes it truly unique.
  2. Helps you get into your Dream College: Almost all good colleges will ask for your SAT score to gauge your academic potential. Thus, if you want to get into your dream college, you need to sit for the SAT. It also adds a lot of weight to your application.
  3. Hones your academic skills: SAT is a very prestigious exam. With such value comes a need for hard work. SAT preparation is crucial for scoring well in the exam. You will need to dedicate a special time for preparation in your daily routine. In the process, you polish your concepts and strengthen your foundation. Your efforts for the SAT will have a direct impact on your school results as well. SAT, therefore, prepares you for your school exams as well.
  4. Develops logical and analytical aspects: SAT preparation takes a very holistic approach to education. It is not just about theory and mugging up. It shapes the students for the real world. That is why, for most parts, this test shifts from the mainstream test pattern. It challenges the logical and analytical capabilities of a student. These real-life skills help students get ready for college and life beyond that. They develop argumentative skills and comprehension skills.
  5. Helps students time themselves: SAT, like any other important exam, is time-based. More than how well you can solve problems, how quickly you can solve them matters a lot. This is directly dependent on how well versed you are with the concepts and understanding. That is why one has to solve a lot of worksheets for the preparation of the SAT. This way, they can time themselves. This is a helpful skill not just for SAT but also for other important things in life as well.
  6. Scholarships: College is expensive. One needs to take heavy debts, and in this fluctuating economy( because of the pandemic), that is a very risky thing to do. Moreover, loans are also difficult to get. Scholarships come as a saving grace in these bad times. But getting a scholarship is not easy. It takes off the burden of debts from you. But in return, you have to prove your merit to the sponsors. SAT score helps you in getting the right scholarship to support your education financially.

Thus, there are multiple benefits of taking the SAT. It shapes you as a person and makes you headstrong- something that is required to take the leap from school to college. It can prepare you for a bright future and opens a door of opportunities for you.