Reasons Why You Should Buy A Commodore ute

This article outlines reasons why it might be in your interest to buy a Commodore ute. The focus of the article is on the performance characteristics of each model, but also includes details on how they differ as well as their varying specs. If you’re thinking about buying a Commodore ute exhaust or replacing your old exhaust with one, take a look at these reasons why it might be the perfect choice for you.

Commodore ute exhaust

The car has decent fuel economy, positive reviews, and a stylish interior. It also has relatively low running costs which makes it one of the smartest cars to purchase. The Commodore ute exhaust is a great piece of the car kit. It features a beautiful chrome tailpipe and out the back, which really sets off the look of this vehicle. They are also fitted with catalytic converters to help clean up the emissions when you drive. This means that your Commodore ute will produce less pollution, which is always a plus!

Types of commodore ute exhaust

There are many different types of commodore utes available on the market, with varying exhaust for each type. The six main exhaust types available are:

-Straight pipe


-Muffler delete

-Long tube headers

-Shortie headers

-Straight pipe with long tube headers

The commodore ute exhaust images

Some people may have a hard time understanding the Commodore ute. Not everyone is interested in out-of-the-ordinary utes, but those who are might find this one interesting. It is made of steel and aluminum and is powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine that has been dyno tested to produce 406 hp. This vehicle has been made for durability and comfort. Most people have never heard of a Commodore ute, but they are an icon in Australia. This car is amazing and has been around for more than 40 years. The design is great and it can be customized to be your own beast. It also looks great, which is what you should expect from a car that has been around so long.

Performance exhaust

The Performance exhaust system offers a new level of performance. Where other 4x4s have a turbocharged engine, the Commodore has an in-line 6 cylinder petrol engine. The performance exhaust accelerates up to 1.2 seconds faster than other 4x4s and can get up to 90% more torque compared to others. The ute also offers customizable seats with high levels of comfort and reliability on the road, which is also not found on all 4x4s. Commodore utes are designed to be the most powerful, efficient, and fuel-friendly cars on the market. For this reason, they have a large variety of performance exhausts available. Some of them include flex-fuel, quad exhaust systems, and turbo diesel systems that power you through every drive in a Commodore ute.

Empire Exhaust Systems

Empire Exhaust Systems are an Australian company that specializes in the manufacture of exhaust systems for light commercial vehicles. The company was started by David “Empire” Thompson in the early 1980s and produces some of the most highly regarded vehicle components in Australia. Empire offers a range of standard OEM quality exhaust systems, as well as the ability to custom fabricate any specification or design according to client needs.

What to consider before buying a commodore ute exhaust?

Buying a Commodore ute is a big decision and you should consider the following before making your purchase. There are several factors you should consider before buying a commodore ute exhaust. One of them is performance. The Commodore ute exhausts have been designed to provide much better performance compared to the old type catalytic converters. Also, the exhaust system has been made using advanced technology that enables it to give you a much smoother ride


A Commodore ute is a versatile vehicle and it will suit anyone, whether you’re a family person or just a company owner and local hauler. It’s also got great fuel economy and reliability.