Reasons why you will love the Magic book

It is great to see that some of you have already tested your new HONOR Magic book 14 and are really enjoying it. But there might be some people who still lack a bit of information about this amazing product. Let us get started with it as we present 14 more reasons for you to love HONOR Magic book14.

MagicBook 14 is a rebranded laptop from Huawei. It is available in the market with the name Honor MagicBook 14 2021 Edition. The laptop comes with AMD Ryzen 4000 series processors but the 2021 Edition comes with an 11th generation intel i7 processor. The performance and other aspects of the latest model have changed as a result of that.

Though there are two versions of it you won’t be able to identify them because there is no difference in terms of design and construction of the laptop. The difference lies in terms of specs.

You will be amazed by this laptop at first look as it comes with a high-quality aluminum metal design. There are two color options i.e. Space Gray and Mystic Silver but Space Gray is more popular among the latest buyers. It’s a slim laptop having lightweight that makes it conveniently portable. The compact design lets students able to carry it on the go whenever they want. The notebook weighs only 1.38 kg and is 15.9 mm thin.

If you look at the top design, it feels very premium with a smooth finish and round edges. There is a blue gradient in a brand logo that gives it vivid color. It comes with the power to impress users from almost every section. The HONOR Magic book14 comes with an incredible battery that makes it one of the most popular options you could want in the field of laptops. It could be pretty annoying when a laptop can’t get your job done due to lack of power. Thanks to its enormous battery that you would not face that situation here. The HONOR Magic book offers up to 10 hours of battery life of 56Wh. It also only takes about an hour to get fully charged.

Productivity is now necessary on every step. Contract your production skyrocket! With a Ryazan 5 3500U CPU, dual-channel DDR4 RAM, and ultra-fast PCIe NV ME SSD storing that offers read speeds of up to 5x faster than a normal SATA SSD, the HONOR Magic book gives you the power to do your job the best way without any issue. The lightweight design also makes it easy to carry with you throughout your busy timetable.

Magic book14 is designed for creativity. The HONOR Magic book does this with a variety of specs aimed at those of you in the industries with rigorous demands.

Transfer data quickly and easily with Magic Link from HONOR. This technology is able to fill in the gap that lies in between your two most important device i.e. the  phone, and PC. It does this through the seamless exchange of data between your phone and the HONOR MagicBook. That means you can share data in different file formats instantly by broadcasting them over a multi-way channel. All you need is a compatible HUAWEI / HONOR.

HONOR Magic book14’s Full-View display occupies the majority of screen because and leaves minute bezel that is about 4.8mm thin, bringing you an immersive experience. In addition, the display from Rheinland, TÜV is able to reduce glare and blue light, thus providing a safer reading.

You won’t need to find the best angle. You can usually tilt a laptop screen a few degrees off vertical, but often that’s just not enough to avoid glare or to show your screen to others. Not to mention the huge fear that if you push it back too far, it may break the screen as well.

Play the best games here without any issues. Those days are gone when you needed a bulky PC to play the best games. While the HONOR Magic book14 isn’t a gaming laptop but it is influential enough to run high-end games alike GTA V then Counter-Strike. You can even plug in a Bluetooth joy pad for a great betting experience.


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