Scoliosis Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

According to the National Scoliosis Foundation, seven million Americans currently live with scoliosis. Scoliosis patients make about 600,000 visits to doctors’ offices every year. 

Do you think you might be one of the millions of people suffering from scoliosis? This guide will discuss some of the scoliosis signs to look out for. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

Pain Is the Most Common Sign 

Pain is one of the most common scoliosis complications. It might be hard to make a diagnosis based on pain alone, many other conditions cause pain as well. 

When you start to develop chronic pain, make an appointment with your primary care doctor right away. They can examine you or refer you to a specialist so you can figure out if the pain is caused by scoliosis. 

The pain is often caused by the curve in your spine. The compression of the nerves in your spine can also be causing you debilitating pain.  

Bad Fitting Clothing 

Spinal cord problems often develop in childhood and as a parent, you can detect an issue by observing how clothes fit on your child’s body.  

When clothes no longer frame the body as they use to, this is a sign you or your child has a form of scoliosis. If you’re worried about having scoliosis yourself, you should look for clothes hanging awkwardly off your body. 

A rib that sticks out of your body is another sign to look for. 

A Changing Walk 

Many types of scoliosis will affect your body in different ways. Moderate or more severe scoliosis will change the way you walk.  While this form of scoliosis is less common, you should still pay attention to any changes that occur so you can get the treatment you need immediately. 

A large curvature in your spine will cause your hips to come out of alignment. This will change how you walk. Trying to maintain balance with this issue can make your muscles sore faster than before. 

A Bulge in Your Back

When you’re experiencing pain caused by scoliosis, you’ll likely develop a bulge where you have the curvature in your back. Any doctor will notice this deformity because of the way the muscle rotates. 

The bulge may make it hard to stand upright as well. Many chiropractic techniques can help you manage these symptoms. Check out to learn more. 

Breathing Troubles 

Other scoliosis symptoms you might experience include trouble breathing. The bad curvature in your spine can affect the rib cage causing it to twist unnaturally. 

This pressure on the rib cage will then constrict your lungs and make it hard for you to breathe. 

Scoliosis Signs to Look For 

There are many scoliosis signs you might be experiencing. The most common is back pain, and a more severe one is trouble breathing. 

Check out some of the other health blogs on our site if you want to learn more about the signs and symptoms you should watch out for. 

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