Set Yourself Apart with a Unique Video Style

Being unique, creative, and producing high-end quality videos will be the quickest way to grow your YouTube channel. There are many styles of videography that you can study and attempt to use in your videos. Trying new things will push the boundaries of what you create, allow yourself to grow. In this article, we will give you four creative ways to expand your videography skills.

Create Cutting Edge Scenes with a Green Screen

Green screens are a great way to set up your scenes and can create some visually stunning images. You can perform simple chroma key editing techniques to change the background of your video. This allows you to animate the video in ways that were previously too expensive, time-consuming, or just simply couldn’t be done before.

Green screens are easy to use. All you need is a green screen backdrop in the scene, and most video editing software can remove it. Get a green screen that is wide enough to cover the scene and add green screen lighting, so the backdrop is evenly lit. Green screen lights are an essential part of using a green screen effectively.

Finding a dramatic background to add in can really make your video pop. Add some dramatic lighting to your talent that matches the lighting in the background, and you will have a visually stunning scene.

Adding animated titles to your videos is a great way to catch the viewer’s attention. You can create some really cool and eye-catching effects with animated titles. There are many software programs that allow you to create these titles, and they are easy to use.

You can find some really great animated typefaces online for free and use them in your videos. A simple title can be used to transition into each scene or act of the video. This allows you to create engaging content that will keep the viewers watching.

Create Emotion with Tracking Shots

Tracking shots are another fantastic way to build the emotion in a scene. There are many types, but the best tracking shots are the dolly shot, the long tracking shot, and crane shots. These are not only fun to shoot, but look fantastic.

The dolly shot can add some great energy and life into your scene and give it a dynamic feel. It gives the viewer the feeling that they’re right in the middle of all the action, while also giving you a great view of the surroundings.

The long tracking shot is perfect for adding emotion to your scene. It can be used to follow your character or subject as they move through the scene. This will help you to connect with the viewer and make them feel like they are right there with you.

The crane shot is perfect for creating tension in a scene. Adding a dynamic shift in the camera angle will add tension and create a sense of unease in the viewer. This shot can help you to build suspense or show power. The crane shot also gives your video production value, which makes it stand out from others, especially if there are other videos on YouTube with similar content.

Using tracking shots is a higher level skill that most YouTube creators aren’t doing. You are giving yourself a competitive edge over competition for your viewer’s attention. Be sure to experiment and try new and unusual tactics to get interesting shots.

Use Cinematic Lighting to Make Scenes More Interesting

Lighting is a great way to create drama and mood in a video. Lighting is very important to any production. Lighting doesn’t have to be over-complicated, though. It can be simple and work very effectively. Natural lighting from an open window is a great way to add some ambiance to a shot, especially if you time it correctly and shoot it with the soft light before sunset.

Another easy way to use lighting effects in your videography is by taking advantage of the sun during sunset or sunrise. At these times of the day, the light is very soft and creates a warm glow. This is perfect for adding a romantic feeling to your scene or setting the mood for a more serious scene.

You don’t need expensive lights to create interesting lighting effects in your videos. Many inexpensive led lights will work just fine. It is important to look for lights that can be used with a light modifier, such as an octabox or a softbox. These devices will soften the light and make it much more visually appealing.

Color Gels can Elevate the Mood When Used Correctly

If you want to take your lighting to the next level, add color gels to some of your lighting setups. Color gels are filters that can be placed over a light to change the color of the light. This is a great way to create different moods in your scenes.

You can use color gels to set the mood for different scenes. For example, you could use blue gels for cold and icy scenes or red gels for hot and fiery scenes.

You can use color gels to add some visual interest in the form of a backdrop. These backdrops can add that extra sense of depth and dimension, which will help you to connect with the viewer and draw them into your video.

Color gels are usually inexpensive and easy to find at most camera shops or online. If you want to try out a few different colors, get yourself a selection of gels and experiment with them to get the effect that you’re looking for.

In Conclusion

Setting yourself apart is very important to becoming a respected videographer. The simple steps in this article will go a long way to improving your YouTube videos and growing your YouTube channel. Green screens and tracking shots are just two of the many resources available to you in your video arsenal. Pair that with unique and interesting lighting, and you will have a very cinematic video for YouTube. With practice and experimentation, your videos will stand out in the crowd.