Singapore Office Rental Rates: Everything To Know About It






Your business makes an impression when it has an office space. Your polished skills will be noticed and evaluated by your customers and clients if they see your office.

Additionally, your office is where you work. Providing your employees with a coordinated and conducive work environment can unabashedly increase your ability to develop your organization. However, a established and extravagant company can acquire a private office, so a conventional office might be the best choice for such companies seeking growth and recognition.

What Is The Office Rental Rates In Singapore?

Rent for office space differs greatly depending on the building class, the area, and the location. Statistics provided by OfficeFinder indicate that the average office rent for conventional office space was $2.51 per square foot per month in the first three months of 2021, with a total of 665 leases completed.

Publicly available data on OfficeFinder also indicate that a regular office space of 2,000 square feet costs between $5,920 and $15,900 per month. In the first quarter of 2021, office rents grew by 10.46 percent compared to the last quarter of 2020.

In addition, the latest transacted data shows a 1 percent decline from last year. The most costly and beautiful office spaces are located in the upscale commercial areas of Marina Bay, Raffles Place, and Marina Center of District 01, where average office rent rates reach 11,88, $8,69 and $9,78 per square foot, respectively. Nevertheless, there are locations within the CBD of Singapore that provide affordable office space.

Why would You Rent Offices in Singapore at present?

Land is expensive, especially in today’s market. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, locating and buying an office space might ultimately result in a better value for your organization. This does not only benefit how effectively customers can find you, but also manages the drive of their employees.

In an expensive region, renting office space is a more cost-effective option. Targeting convenient locations and key commercial spots will make you more attractive to customers and encourage them to return more often.

Adaptable Situations

Depending on the needs, office sizes vary. Adding employees is critical if your business grows more than expected. When your firm is not as fruitful, or you don’t need as many employees as you thought, then reducing the office space can benefit your business financially.

However, if you purchase an office space to house your business operation, it may limit your ability to scale up when your team grows and downsize when you do not need that much room.

Financial Burden

Renting office space has the main benefit of eliminating the need to pay for routine building maintenance. It is not likely that you will need to pay for the charges unless the fittings you were provided are abused.   Maintenance includes replacement of parts, mending hardware, maintaining toilets and common areas, among other items.

Strategic And Financial Flexibility

Similarly, leasing an office space has the benefit of making your firm more financially stable. Instead of worrying about contractual payments and unforeseen repairs, you can concentrate more of your efforts, time, cash and assets on growth for your company.

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