The 5 Most Convenient Breast Pumps for Moms of 2021

At Kidz Country, we’re all about simplifying motherhood for moms of the next generation. After all, your little one deserves no less than the best. And for exactly that reason, we’ve delved deep into the breast pump industry and brought you a list of the 5 best breast pumps available in the market, ranging from the top-of-the-line Vaoza 2.2 to the affordable Double Electric breast pump. If you’re looking for other mother care products such as affordable baby strollers or even breast pump accessories, then Kidz Country has your back.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Vaoza 2.2 Smart Breast Pump

The first spot on our list goes to none other than the Vaoza 2,2 for its convenient yet comfortable design, making it one of the most hygienic breast pumps on this list.

The 3 modes and 9 different suction levels make it one of the most versatile breast pumps we have. Sporting an overflow-proof and backflow-resistant design, it prevents spillage and reduces the risk of contamination.

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! The high-quality ABS material is skin-friendly and super easy to clean.

2. Vaoza Smart Breast Pump

Though the 2.2 is undoubtedly one of the best breast pumps still available in the market, the original model isn’t that far behind. The original Vaoza Smart pump was made with discretion in mind, designed with a tri-layered soundproof system that provides almost unparalleled noise reduction for some of the smoothest pumping sessions you’ll ever have, making it the ideal pump for the outdoors.

Much like the 2.2, it also supports 3 modes, Massage, Express, and Mixed, so you can pump however and whenever you want.

3. Smart Automatic Breast Pump

Gone are the days when breast pumps used to be these massive clunky boxes that had to be attached to your breast for long periods of time; with the creation of smart breast pumps, pumping sessions have become painless and simple.

Another fact that might pique your interest is that our buyers unanimously appreciate our Smart Automatic Breast Pump! (Talk about customer satisfaction)

The soft silicon breast shell fits various breast sizes easily and is almost impossible to detect, so you can carry it to work with you without a second thought.

The 5 intensity settings are subtle yet efficient during pumping sessions as well as make it way more articulate than your average pumps.

4. Unilateral Breast Pump

With 9 levels of pumping and an affordable price tag, the unilateral breast pump is your go-to pump if you’re looking for a more conventional approach to your pumping sessions. The Core Bionic Breast Pumping Technology enables the massage mode as soon as the device is powered on to stimulate the breast without causing pain or irritating the nipple. This also works for women with different levels of breast sensitivity.

Once the breast is stimulated, you can manually switch to the sucking mode to prevent milk prevention and swelling.

5. Double Electric Breast Pump

If you’re in search of an affordable breast pump that can get the job done with little to no effort, then the Double Electric Breast Pump is your go-to device. The compact and easy-to-carry design makes it convenient to move around with as well as store. It possesses strong suction capabilities along with 3 modes and 9 gears for maximum adjustability.

The USB charging port makes it easier to use and recharge without having to go the extra mile to use it again.

The silicon breast shell is soft and skin-friendly, guaranteeing a clean and hygienic process.


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