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The Brief Guide That Makes Doing a Thorough Home Inspection Simple

It can be difficult to have a professional eye when appraising your own home for inspection. 

However, if you want to train yourself to think like a home inspector, it can be done. A thorough home inspection will enable you to buy or sell your home for the best price. 

So here’s our home inspection checklist to get you in the mindset of a home inspector!

Think About Your Curb Appeal 

When it comes to home appraisal value, one of the first things a home inspector or potential buyer will see is the outside of your home. 

You want to ensure that the visual and curb appeal is there from the first moment you lay your eyes on a home. 

That means tidying up your front lawn, painting your garage door, and repairing any chips in the window sills. 

You want the first impression to be a good impression. Spend that extra bit of time giving the outside space of your home a refresher. 

Take a Look at Your Heating, Ventilation, and AC 

This is your last chance to uncover any defaults before a home inspector comes over and writes their report.

Heating, ventilation, and AC units will be a hot spot area that your home inspector will be looking at for any leakages, buildup, or potential damage. 

One way to ensure air quality and check your ventilation levels are up to standard is by investing in a battery powered CO2 monitor. This will give a clear indication if extra or additional ventilation is required in a space. 

Roofing Damage 

Water leaks can come from within a house, but the most obvious cause is a loose tile or roof damage. Replacing a roof can be an expensive job; however, a patch job on a single area can be just as effective. 

Check out these roof repair tips if you are thinking of repairing some of the damage yourself.

Water damage from a leak roof can be detrimental when it comes to your home appraisal value.

Get to it before the home inspection takes place to have the best home inspection possible.

Electrical Faults 

A thorough home inspection will include the testing of all electrical appliances and electrical wiring throughout the home.

There will be certain tests to check whether the functional ground fault circuit interrupters can prevent you from electrocutions and electrical shocks.

They will need to see that there is nothing in the home that could be a potential electrical hazard and put people at risk of injury. 

Giving Your Home a Thorough Home Inspection

A thorough home inspection is always required if you are thinking of buying or selling a home.

This home inspection checklist can help you get your house in shape before any appraisals take place.

Learn what home inspectors are looking for and make those necessary changes before they ever arrive!

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