The common reasons of poofy hair

Hair problems are common these days. Most of the people face the issue of frequent hair loss and baldness. Most of the people dealing with poofy hair. To handle this problem, most of the people use the products that are full of chemicals. It is the major cause of increasing poofy hair. The use of the product that helps stopping the frequent hair fall may lead to increase poofy hair. Those people who have poofy hair should look for the treatment that is suitable for all hair types like normal, dry and oily. Yes, this is vital to match hair oil with your hair type. Learn more about the causes of the poofy hair.

1. Humidity

Poofy hair are not easy to handle and you need to have good hair health. Rainforest conditions are the prime reasons to put hair frizzy and turn them into curls. It happens because the humidity disturbs the internal structure of hydrogen bonds and put curls into them. Therefore, hairs start shrinking, frizzy and lose their definition. The majority of the people face this situation in the humid climate and in the monsoon season. 

2. Exposure to sun

The prime reason behind this issue is sun damage. People who have close sun exposure get the lack of water and moisture in their scalp. This factor causes poofy hair and crepy scalp. You can notice it with your own eyes. Over time, sun exposure leads to damage to the elastin and collagen level. Both the materials are important for the vitality of hair. On the other hand, UV rays damage the skin by creating free radicals. This damage to the living cells leads to the formation of curls and damage.

3. No use of oil

You must apply oil on your scalp and massage it properly on your scalp. The oil must absorb in hair roots and follicles. It is good to apply this oil in the night. The majority of the women do not apply oil on their scalp and it damages hair follicles and increase the dryness in hair. It leads to curls and hair damage. 

Oil contains moisturizing and protective properties. It coats the shafts of the hair and protect it by offering natural keratin shields. This means it has protective properties. It exfoliates the hair and fights against dandruff. You can massage the oil with the lemon juice. It is a great hair conditioner to provide a smoothness to hair. It is ideal for frizzy, dry, dull and damaged hair. 

4. Fungus infections and allergy

Are you coping with fighting against dandruff? This is a prime cause of hair damage and baldness in both men and women. It is a kind of fungus infection or allergy that can destroy your hair health. This infection come into seen in people who have exposure in sunlight. It is due to the sweat or dirt. In some people the cause of dandruff is the dryness or other skin allergies. 

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