The Most In-Demand MBA Specializations in 2021 

Have you recently completed your graduation and are looking to pursue an MBA, but are not sure which specialization to choose? If so, then this blog is the best place to find all your answers. 

In this article, we’ll look at what an MBA is and the 5 most in-demand MBA specializations available in 2021.

So, without any further delay let’s get started. 

What is an MBA? 

MBA stands for “Master’s in Business Administration”. An MBA is a postgraduate degree program that is generally of 2 years (depending upon the institute). This course mainly focuses on developing your leadership, communication, managerial, and technical skills. 

You can pursue MBA in various fields as per your choice, which is basically termed as “Specialization”. You can pursue your MBA in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Finance, Event Management, Banking, HR, and many more. 

Let’s see what are some of the best and the in-demand MBA Specializations in 2021. 

Top 5 Most In-Demand MBA Specializations in 2021 

1. MBA in Digital Marketing 

We all know that the growth of digital marketing has led to an increase in the demand for digital marketing professionals in all sectors. As a result, multiple institutes have started offering an MBA in digital marketing. 

It has been introduced very recently in the list of MBA specializations. And it has also proven to be the most successful and in-demand MBA specialization in a very short span of time. 

Pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing will help you to get an in-depth understanding & knowledge of all the facets of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, and many more.  

Not only that, you’ll get a chance to learn from some of the top industry experts, and also a chance to do an internship with some of the renowned companies, that will help you to boost your practical knowledge and skills. 

And if you choose to pursue an MBA in digital marketing, then it will also help you get better job placements in the future. According to some statistics, the average salary of a digital marketing professional with an MBA in digital marketing is around INR 7 to INR 10 LPA. 

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Best Institute Offering an MBA in Digital Marketing: IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education (Awarded as “Best Digital Marketing Institute”, by World Education Congress in 2021)

2. MBA in Marketing 

MBA in Marketing is also the most pursued MBA Specialization. Under this course, you’ll get to know in-depth insights about all the 4P’s of marketing, i.e. Product, Price, Place & Promotion. 

Under this program, you’ll also be taught about understanding consumer behaviour, how to build relations with them, traditional marketing approaches, a little bit about Online marketing techniques, etc. 

Best Institute Offering an MBA in Marketing: IIM – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

3. MBA in Human Resource 

The roles and responsibilities of an HR of any company are to recruit an employee, train them and build a group & team of employees for the organization. They have to take the updates of their performances, manage their salaries, and build a healthy work environment for the employees in the organization. 

And in this program, i.e. MBA in Human Resource Management, you’ll be trained to effectively manage the human resources, i.e. the employees of any organization. 

MBA in Human Resource is also one of the most pursued specializations 

Best Institute Offering an MBA in Marketing: XLRI – Xavier Labour Relations Institutes, Jamshedpur

4. MBA in Finance 

MBA in Finance is the best specialization option for someone who has a keen interest in the field of finance and wants to build a career in this field. 

Under this specialization of MBA, you’ll learn how to plan and control the company’s financial resources and assets. MBA in Finance will teach you all types of accounting work, banking, international finance, and many more. 

Hence, MBA in Finance is also a good option for you to start your career with. Let’s see which is the best institute that offers an MBA in Finance. 

Best Institute Offering an MBA in Marketing: SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

5. MBA in Business Management 

Pursuing an MBA in Business Management provides you with the knowledge & understanding of all the aspects of business, including HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and many more. 

This MBA specialization will make you an expert in all the facets of the business. And it will also help you in the future to get a good job at a managerial level in any renowned organization. 

Best Institute Offering an MBA in Marketing: IIM – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

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That’s about it! Those were the top 5 and the most in-demand MBA specialisations in 2021. If you pursue an MBA in any one of these fields, you’ll definitely have a wonderful career ahead of you.

If you pursue an MBA in any one of these fields, you’ll definitely have a wonderful career ahead of you.

So, if you are a graduate who has decided to pursue an MBA and is seeking the best and most appropriate field in which to do so, you can pursue an MBA in any of the above specialisations and give a kick-start to your great career ahead. 

We hope the blog has helped you to choose a suitable MBA specialization option for yourself. Let us know your comments below. 

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