The News: What to Read for Competitive Exams?

When you sit down to peruse the news; watan News, it’s essential for you to know which news is crucial from an evaluation perspective. To do this, go over the GK questions from the past 3-4 years of the test you are studying. Having an idea of the types of questions that will be asked on the test will help you prepare. There might be segments of the Arab News or Middle East news that are cited in articles about the report.

  • Main News: The first page is reserved for the main news. Some papers devote a large amount of space to sentimental news on their front pages today. As a consequence, you should be adept at identifying the most significant parts and eliminating the extraneous ones.
  • You should read articles and opinions to broaden your insight base, to further your language abilities, to understand central points of interest, etc. The GD portion of MBA admissions is particularly helpful during the GD period, however, real GK questions are rarely asked since they emphasize tests over real-world knowledge.
  • From the assessment perspective, these events are important in the public and international domains.
  • You are likely to see more inquiries in the current GK in Business and Economy, particularly for MBA applicants.
  • There are about 2-3 inquiries in each study that relate to significant global competitions in different sports.

Studying The News: How Do You Do It?

Competitions involving the news are treated as course readings in MBA programs. You should therefore have a pen and paper on hand when you sit down to learn one. Perusing it in a relaxed way is not recommended! Think of it as a text, not a novel! Normally, you should spend at least one hour and a half on the Watan News to ensure all parts of the news in Arabic are covered thoroughly.

Writing Notes

In concentrating on Middle East news or other sources, this is the most important part. You should consider buying a notepad with 5 sections or a notepad that has a gap in one or more segments. Now, remember to follow the tips mentioned here:

  • Economic indicators, recent business mergers and acquisitions, and the director’s new arrangements should be discussed in the economic and business section. Moreover, don’t bother with noting down the most recent expansion, charge accumulated, and so forth as it is likely that a question might be posed from them.
  • Note down newly passed laws, bills, sacred corrections, and so forth. Also, track races that have recently been held or impending ones as well as plans dispatched by the Union Government. Any new deputy must be noted, regardless of the situation in the chief, the governing body, or the legal executive.
  • Take down world news about conflicts, public decisions, territorial settlements, worldwide conventions, and plans, and so forth. As well, keep note of world news about ties with other countries, financial ties, political debates, reciprocal relationships with other countries, and so forth
  • Note down the names of international and public competition winners from the game segment. If an Indian athlete is successful on the world stage, it naturally has an effect on your testing.
  • The random section brings up information about new, innovative events, celebrations related to social gatherings, worldwide days such as World Climate Day, etc.

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