The Top Career Options to Follow In 2021 and Why You Should Follow Them

Pursue one of the top career options in 2021 that we will discuss in this article to get the best chance of being hired, for these jobs have the highest demand of employment. Some of these jobs pay more than a hundred thousand dollars per year, some enable the workers to work from their homes, some offer online courses for engineering students or a data science course in India, while some need no college degree. The world is preparing itself to go back to work, and with the world so should you. Therefore, you will need to make the interviews count. So, let us read about the career options that are hired in 2021.

1. Wind Turbine Engineers

This job has projected an increase of sixty-one percent in hiring. No wonder it has already taken the first position. Since the whole world at present is sincerely anxious about global warming, renewable energy has become the newest trend. This is the gig for people who enjoy a little adventure. Employees of this career option need to take online courses for engineering students, like working outdoors, and not be scared of working in small spaces and of heights. As a wind turbine technician, you will have to stuff yourself inside the housing of the turbine in order to run routine maintenance, fix or build it. However, assisting to save the planet and being called a wind tech carries some worthy weight of controversy.

The American Wind Energy Association states that there are more than fifty-four thousand and five hundred wind turbines in at least forty-two states in the United States and growing. A potential disadvantage of this work is that the worker may have to move to a state where they have wind turbines already. But on the brighter side, you will be earning almost fifty-two thousand and nine hundred dollars a year.

2. Nurse Practitioner

The job of a nurse practitioner has projected an increase of fifty-two percent in hiring. As a nurse practitioner one can expect to bring home almost one lakh nine thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars every year. They are also honored for saving lives. APRNs or nurse practitioners oftentimes are called nurse-midwives or nurse anesthetists. They provide specialty and primary healthcare and coordinate patient care. You should be prepared for companies to hire you once you have completed your Master’s degree. For this job, however, you need to also need to get a national APRN certification and a state license.

Here are some of the other top careers you can follow.

  1. Solar Photovoltaic Installer
  2. Occupational Therapy Assistant
  3. Statistician and Mathematician
  4. Home Health and Personal Care Aide
  5. Physical Therapist Assistants
  6. Medical and Health Services Managers
  7. Physician Assistant
  8. Information Security Analyst
  9. Oil and Gas Industry
  10. Speech-Language Pathologist

However, do not go for a data science course in India just because it pays well or because someone has told you that it is a good fit for you. Take career tests to determine your work personality and learn about your strengths in working environments to choose a career that fits you best.

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