These are the primary benefits of using self-storage service in Philadelphia

The idea of self-storage service emerged in the United States. This type of self-storage service is still seen as new in many other countries in the world. It is a fact that many people still think it is best to keep their things at home. But this mentality has been changing. The concept of a traditional large home has been losing popularity, as the idea of a compact apartment is on the rise. The primary disadvantage of compact houses or apartments is that they lack space. With the service offered by Livelyt self storage Philadelphia, you have access to an area that meets your needs, and you can keep your valuable belongings and any other things you think you need to stay there. So, to help you understand the benefits of using self-storage, we have prepared this new post.

Service that offers guaranteed security

We want to say that those who rely on self-storage services get guaranteed security. It is because access to the boxes is restricted. Yes, that’s right. The company hands over the key to the tenant, and only he/she or the person to whom he/she gives the key can enter, not to mention that security works 24 hours a day. 

Service that adapts to the customer’s needs

Second, we can say that self-storage is a service that adapts to the customer’s needs. Yes, according to your requirement. Because of this, you can store all items while your store is being renovated. You can store your raw materials, your documents or make your stock there. Regardless of your need, the company will always have a space that meets your requirement in the best possible way in the most diverse situations.

The rental has an affordable price.

The third benefit that we can list is affordability. The rent is accessible to everyone. For those just starting, self-storage Philadelphia is an ideal option. Because if you compare the rental prices, the rental price is much more affordable than in commercial spaces. You save money, rent the area according to your needs, and you can use a box rental to keep your documents, stock, or other belongings.

The customer uses the space for as long as they need

Another advantage that the self-storage service offers and which is different from real estate, are that the contract does not have a term. That is, you rent for as long as you think necessary, and the best thing is that you will not pay any fines if you need to get your stuff out of there before the contract ends. Yes, we mean that there is no minimum term as in the case of commercial warehouses. So, when you want to vacate, take your things, and that’s it.

Inventory management and self-storage

If you have a store, we can say that self-storage helps in managing your inventory. It is possible because with our help it will be possible to keep the so-called surplus items. In the primary stock of your store, the number of products will be less, and thus the daily tasks will be performed more effectively. Another point that the self-storage service contributed to is the costs and expenses of your business. Some may even ask – how is this possible if I am going to pay for the space rental?

The answer is quite simple. We have already mentioned the benefits for productivity and concentration, but have you ever thought that everything organized makes the entry and exit process much more effective? Thus, your stock management, profit management and result management spreadsheets will always be up to date, and it will prevent errors. By taking all this care, your company will gain credibility and trust with your customers. With organized spreadsheets and current inventory, the act of dispatching products will be much simpler. Therefore, your business will be stable, effective and profitable.

Self-storage in the USA is popular.

In the USA, this sector is already quite developed. There is more than 50 thousand self-storage across the country. The biggest problem faced is the lack of knowledge and also of habit. The use of self-storage came to optimize spaces so that it contributes to making the lives of all residents of large cities more intelligent. The segment works as an extension of your home or your business, as they are getting smaller every day, and you need to have a safe place to store personal and professional objects.

There is no set time for customers to go to self-storage to pick up what they need. The segment operates during business hours and on Saturdays. Unlike space rentals, self-storage does not have to pay for water, electricity and security. Your items are always safe because the user has privacy in their access, and the insurance provides full coverage to all stored goods. The contract is free of bureaucracy and taxes. It is enough that the tenant pays the first month in advance and then informs the company if he intends to keep the space for longer or not. Therefore, it is not necessary to present a guarantor or insurance finance to use the area.


We mentioned in the previous paragraphs that self-storage is perfect when it comes to security, but not only that. Those who choose this type of service will have a more organized and spacious office or commercial establishment. Companies that are organized and spacious have understood the importance of self-storage service. Some may even think it is silly, but when working in a more organized and spacious environment, everyone works better with more diligence, and even their customers realize it. You know that feeling of constant mess. With the help of self storage Philadelphia, this doesn’t happen anymore. 

The advantage is that the contracts are flexible to meet the current needs of the client. All of your furniture or objects have more excellent protection, as the spaces are individual and access is done through a personal key or password. With all this information in hand, there are no more excuses for not looking for a self-storage service.


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