Top 5 Compelling Reasons You Should Incorporate a Washlet in Your Home

Are you thinking of upgrading to a toto washlet? This cool innovation is an electronic bidet seat. It has the power to cleanse you with warm water after you do your business. Every washlet user is happy, and they say they feel super clean, proving this is a great investment for all the bathrooms in your home. If you’re not convinced that this is something you need in your home, take a look at the compelling reasons below. 

Enjoy a Truly Relaxing Bathroom Experience

When you have a washlet, you enjoy a hassle-free experience. You don’t have to get your hands dirty using traditional toilet paper. Everyone knows that this can be rough on your privates. Instead, using a washlet ascertains you can do a deep cleanse with warm water. Best of all, you can enjoy it with a mere push of a button. Imagine, an ordinary trip to your home toilet can morph into a spa-like experience. 

Better Cleansing of Private Areas

Sadly, rough toilet paper can be very bad for your private parts. Your skin down there is thinner and more sensitive. Often, cleaning your anus and genital area with ordinary toilet paper can result in irritation, swelling, and even itchiness. Sometimes, toilet paper also leaves a residue. 

In contrast, using a washlet with warm water is soothing for your private parts. You can target the right spots that assure thorough cleaning. Moreover, you don’t have to suffer the discomfort of rubbing, rough pressure, and possible remnants. Instead, ascertain superior comfort by choosing the water temp and intensity that feels the most soothing for you. 

Assure Cleaner Hands

Since you are working with buttons that come with the washlet, you can rest assured that you don’t pass invisible germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, using toilet paper is not truly sanitary. You can end up touching what you’re not supposed to. From there, you can spread these contaminants all over your sink fixtures, doorknobs, or even the rest of your house. 

Definitely, using a warm, steady stream of water is a more effective and efficient way to cleanse than handheld toilet paper. Homes with a washlet maintain better hand hygiene, especially for kids who sometimes forget to wash their hands. 

Helps Maintain Commode Cleanliness

With toto washlet technology, you can keep the toilet bowl area clean without utilizing toxic chemical cleaners. It comes with premist function spray, which you can activate to spray the bowl before each use. This means you don’t have to keep on scrubbing the toilet every so often. 

Apart from ensuring that there are not waste remnants in the area, you can feel assured that you will sit in a toilet bowl that’s spic and span. Nothing will beat this washlet when it comes to hygiene, as it keeps both your hand and commode squeaky clean. 

Assure an Eco-Friendly Solution

When you’ve got an easy and comfy way to cleanse yourself, you don’t have to waste a lot of toilet paper. Usually, this toilet paper supply comes from virgin forests that slowly become denuded and barren to meet the demand. The factories that create toilet paper release many toxic gases in the air during the manufacturing stage. 

However, utilizing a washlet that consumes less than half a pint of water assures you no longer have to waste mounds of toilet paper to feel clean. You conserve paper and help reduce carbon footprint. Clearly, this is a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom.

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