Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, UNI

Each crypto asset can be studied in detail on your own, but to find one that you want to believe in and there is a desire to help development – consider the entire list of popular cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin is a digital or cryptocurrency that operates exclusively on the internet. It belongs to the new generation since no one controls the release and the course, and the production is carried out on the computers of users who are connected to the system.

The essence of bitcoin can be explained as follows: it is a currency that is obtained as a result of the operation of a computer program. The software is installed on many user computers in different countries, which can use it to establish connections with each other. The principle here is similar to torrents: data transfer, like the distribution of virtual coins, is not controlled or tracked.

The properties of bitcoin are practically no different from ordinary printed money:

  • it can be exchanged for any other currency;
  • can be used to buy goods or pay for services;
  • accumulation of such funds is possible.

Cryptocurrency production and accounting is carried out using cryptographic methods. Today Bitcoin is not the only, but the most famous cryptocurrency.


Ripple technology is an Internet protocol for conducting transactions. Today many banks are interested in technology. Ripple is already being actively tested at UBS and Santander. The protocol was launched in 2012, but the idea itself and its first implementation were made back in 2004. At the heart of the network is a distributed database registry, which contains all the information about transactions and accounts. The work uses the Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm. It is presented on exchanges as an XRP token.


The concept of decentralized exchanges has become popular in the market lately, and several competitors have pounced on it and tried to fill this still growing niche. Although many believed that 0x (ZRX) was in a better position to take this market for itself, it became clear that the specified protocol stalled somewhat, and other contenders had a chance to create very serious competition for it. One of these contenders was developed based on the Ethereum platform and is called Uniswap. Uniswap is a protocol that allows you to make autotrading tokens much faster and easier.


Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) was created to pay for services provided by the platform of the same name. She has a long history, a strong development team and a detailed roadmap for 2019. The Ethereum blockchain project needs to be considered in a complex: cryptocurrency, network and platform. On the Internet, you can find different variants of the name: cryptocurrency Ethereum, Ether, Ethereum, Ether, Ethereum (and we are talking about the same thing). The editors of RusCoinsInfo decided to focus on two: Ethereum and Ethereum. Ethereum cryptocurrency is traded on Binance, Huobi, Exmo exchanges


Monero is the cryptomarket’s response to Bitcoin’s need for solitude. For a long time, personalities thought that Bitcoin businesses were secret. Most people now realize that this is not the problem. Some devices and settings can be done to show the person following specific Bitcoin transactions. Monero takes a distinctive strategy to the marketplace. This money does retreat its main concern. Btc to xmr is a popular pair. This approach extends to make Monero the best coin for anyone looking to maintain their privacy in the sector.

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