Used Chevy Trucks For Sale: 3 Important Features To Check Out

Chevy trucks either used or new have a solid reputation for outstanding quality, low maintenance, great tailgating, fuel efficiency among other unique assets. No doubt, a used chevy truck is as good as a new one. However, there’re lots of factors to consider when purchasing a used chevy truck which can make the process quite overwhelming. There’s usually a lot of options to choose from, but it isn’t advisable to rush off to a dealer to purchase whatever chevy truck is available for sale. It’s best to take your time to compare market prices, specific needs, performance, truck model, among other things to get the most out of your money. 

Here are three important features to check out in a used Chevy truck before making a purchase.

  • The Exterior Body Condition

Assessing the exterior part of used chevy trucks for sale is part of the important things to check out before the purchase. Inspecting the exterior body include, testing the condition of the tires, the functionality of the windshield wipers, headlights, lenses, high beam, exhaust system, cabin light, radio system, side mirrors, and other parts. Ensure each part is functioning efficiently. For instance, tires that are poorly aligned can cause a driving hazard. 

Open and close every door and watch out for torn or rotten rubber seals at the frame, and don’t forget to check the hood and the trunk.

Also make sure to inspect the panels of the used Chevy trucks for misaligned structures lookout for scratches, dents, and rusts on the truck’s body. All these don’t impact the performance of the truck, but in extreme cases, they can impact your driving safety. For instance, the rust can seep through and affect the brakes. Asides from this, a minor rust situation can affect the appearance of the truck, making it look shabby. Although rust will offer you a lower price range, you may have to do another paint job on the truck.

  • The Interior Condition

The interior of a chevy truck displayed for sale is another critical feature to check out. Inspect all the different car functions controls. Test out the seats’ adjustability and functionality. Check the upholstery for tears, rips, and other defaults to determine if it’ll be an extra cost for you.

The mileage on the engine shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s part of the indicator of the overall quality of the truck. Start with the truck’s odometer which is located on the dashboard of the truck. This is vital for determining the performance of the truck. Confirm if the maintenance and inspection records align with the records on the odometer instrument cluster. Check out for differences and talk to the dealer for clarity purposes. You can also invite your mechanic for a proper inspection. You can also use the car’s mileage record to determine how old the truck is.

Also, look out for frame damages as this can affect the life span of the truck. The frame supports and connects the mechanical parts of the truck which means you should avoid a bent or busted frame.  Don’t forget to inspect the working condition of the air conditioner and see if the fan blows breeze constantly as it should for the heat and cold speed controls.

  • Under The Hood Condition

Another important feature to check out in a Chevy truck up for sale is the under the hood condition. The components under the hood include engine, transmission, radiator, alternator, power steering pump, brake fluid reservoir, transmission dipstick, fuse box, radiator cap, engine oil fill cap, and others. Allow the engine to cool off before checking under the hood and watch out for signs of rusts, dents, cracks, or any other faulty signs. Lift and close the hood to assess how firm it closes.

Check the condition of the engine for leakages and corrosion. You can easily spot a leak if there’s a sign of black oil spillages around the engine. Fluid leakage isn’t an expense you want to add to your budget. Test drive the truck to fully grasp the condition of the truck’s engine. Rough abnormal sound, foul odor, and stalling while in motion are signs of a faulty engine.

The fluids are also significant. You can dip a stick to inspect the fluid. Black engine oil or burnt smell is a sign of poor maintenance. The transmission fluid having a burnt smell and orange or brown color is a faulty issue sign. The green color on the coolant level is a healthy sign while a pinkish color indicates the need for fluid change. 


Getting your money’s worth on a Chevy truck up for sale is guaranteed when you know the essential features to check out before purchasing it. Take your time to compare features and signs before settling for any. If you’re not well versed in automobiles, you can take along your trusted mechanic or technical know-how person for proper assessment.


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