Vanuatu Travel Guide: Money-Saving Tips

Vanuatu, with its fascinating white beaches, spell-binding volcanoes and world-class adventure opportunities top the traveler’s bucket list in the Pacific region. It is a gem of the archipelago, while one cannot wait for the planning of a holiday to this mesmerizing touristy destination. This place is not just for the rich and privileged, as travel within the budget is easy and possible now. This article provides keen insights on the handy money-saving tips that will not break your piggy bank but will ensure that you enjoy the best time of your life in the nature’s wonder in your budget.

Vanuatu Travel Costs – Accommodation

The essential travel costs are accommodation and food. The budget guesthouses start from the range of 3,100 VUN that is equivalent to $28 per night. For saving up your costs you must search for an affordable guesthouse, having ample facilities such as WI-FI, and free breakfast. A piece of useful money-saving advice will be to search through Airbnb.

The private rooms around the island start from 3,400 VUV ($30) per night, while for the entire home or apartments, the price surge from 5,600 VUV ($50). For those who are thinking to travel in a tent, wild camping is not allowed, and there is no availability of campgrounds. In that case, one needs to seek permission from the landowner to pitch the tent, which is not recommended as it is a time-consuming and stressful idea.

Vanuatu Travel Costs – Food

Since it is a coastal country, the cuisine relies heavily on fish along with vegetables like yam, coconuts and fresh fruits. One must try lap lap, a baked yam pudding and simboro, a steamed roll wrapped in banana leaf. The country is famous for its Kava, which is a cultural non-alcoholic drink, which is usually consumed at ceremonies and festive occasions. It is believed to have a mild narcotic impact, which is soothing and therefore is consumed at dusk.

A traditional meal will cost approximately 1,700 VUV, equivalent to $15. Pizza starts from 1,300 VUV ($12), while ethnic food like Thai is between 1,400 to 2000 VUV ($12-18 USD). For a week basic grocery, which consists of fish, seasonal vegetables, fruit and rich, one must expect to be charged around 5,500 VUV, which makes up to $50.

Money-Saving Tips 

Following are some of the pocket-friendly tips that can save your money to a great extent:

  • Keep an eye on the deals and packages available for flights. Air Vanuatu, in particular, offers exclusive discounts via their social media channels, which will cut down the main costs incurred on flight travel.
  • Those planning for snorkelling must carry their gear for snorkelling. The rental price is a burden on the shoulders of the tourist, and the rental gears are not in sound condition.
  • One must make sure that they avoid resorts for the stay. These exotic and glamorous resorts are overcharged for everything, which will disturb your entire planned budget.
  • You must cook your meals instead of dining out all the time. You must look for the kitchen to prepare your food to save up your food expense. It will not be glitzy, but will half your food costs.
  • Look out for the hotels that offer free breakfast. Many budget-friendly hotels offer free breakfast, which will relieve your daily food expenses.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you throughout the trip. The tap water in Vanuatu is safe to drink thus a reusable water bottle saves a lot of money while adding to the sustainability of alleviating plastic consumption.
  • The best options for inter-city travels are share-buses, hitchhiking and hiring trusted locals for the drive. Taxis are only cheap if they have meters, else the driver charges extra after fooling you around.

Travelers often seek Vanuatu citizenship by residency to secure their future and long-run to save their money and get returns on the investment. The process is now made easy and hassles free with the Only Government Designated Agent with its Global Network of Authorized Offices and Representatives.

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