Ways to Learn Spanish on Your Own: Appropriate Tips and Techniques

How many times have you thought of your kids or yourself learning Spanish? Well, wanting to learn a foreign language is easy. But the most challenging part is learning it. Becoming fluent in Spanish needs so much to be put into consideration.

If you want your kids to be proficient in Spanish, there are various steps and techniques you will consider implementing.

1. Reading in Spanish

One of the steps that a person or a kid can take to learn Spanish independently is reading in Spanish. And this means you will have to use a translated version. Just like the way kids learn in school, Spanish learning for kids is not an exception. The best thing is starting with short stories and simple dialogue. And that is using passages in beginner Spanish textbooks or children’s stories.

2. Listening to Spanish Podcasts and Music

Other than reading, Spanish learning for kids can entail listening to music. Music can teach about various idioms and unique expressions. Especially the repetitive nature of the songs allows a kid or anyone to hear phrases repeatedly until they cannot forget them. The podcast can also expose a person to expressions, content, and language. And while listening to the podcast, you can note various vocabularies that you might be unfamiliar with and then later look them up.

3. Watching Spanish TV Shows and Movies

Watching these shows can be so much helpful to Spanish learning for the kids. Some animations and cartoons are in the Spanish language. It is the easiest way for the kids to learn, even independently. Watching films enables one to use context in figuring out the meaning of some phrases. Just like in a normal conversation, for instance, the actor’s body language, gestures, and facial expressions tell more about the language.

4. Use of Apps and Social Media

The other most effortless way to learn Spanish is through social media. Technology has simplified so many things. Hence, you can use various tools in social media to learn Spanish on your own. Multiple Spanish language apps are suitable depending on your learning stage. Thus, when considering a Spanish app, choose the appropriate aspect depending on the area you would like to improve. Because there are apps that will enhance reading, speaking, listening, writing, and grammar, you have to choose the one that is most suitable for you.

In addition to that, you can consider looking at tutorials on YouTube channels, as they offer free and outstanding videos to learn Spanish. And since so many kids have exposure to technology, it makes it easier for Spanish learning for kids.

5. Have Conversations

After learning some important aspects of Spanish, consider having conversations. That will significantly enhance the ability to speak and comprehend words. You need to remember everything you learned and apply the skills to form a coherent thought. Other than that, having conversations will help strengthen your memory of the Spanish language. And that is through finding a native speaker or a Spanish language tutor who can expand your grammar and pronunciation.


Learning Spanish entails a series of small steps leading to great accomplishment. And Spanish learning for kids is just like any other person learning Spanish. It is all about having a plan and having the proper resources that will lead to Spanish proficiency.


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