What Are the Benefits of Building a Saltwater Pool?

In the heat of the summer, it’s nice to dip into a refreshing pool, and there’s nothing more convenient than having a private pool in your own backyard. If you’re starting to research pools, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices the pool industry has to offer!

Beyond in-ground and above-ground, you have a lot of decisions to make starting with the type of sanitization. Here’s your sign that a saltwater pool might be the choice for you!

Read on to find several great reasons to choose a saltwater pool for your backyard!

A Saltwater Pool Is Easier on Your Skin

While a salt water swimming pool does use chlorine for pool sanitization, it generates a different type than the manmade type used in traditional pools. It uses much lower levels of chlorine, created naturally.

This makes the water soft and silky. Plus, it’s less irritating for your skin, hair, and eyes. You can say goodbye to burning red eyes by building a saltwater pool.

Fewer Harsh Chemicals to Store

Saltwater pools do require chemicals other than chlorine to ensure the water is safe and balanced. But, chlorine is by far the most dangerous to store and use.

With fewer chemicals, you’ll also get rid of the sharp chlorine smell that often comes with backyard pools.

If you’re worried about swimming in salty water, you can put that aside! The concentration of salt in a saltwater pool is actually less than that of a teardrop.

They Are Easier to Maintain

While you will still need to perform tests to make sure the pH levels are correct, you won’t need to do as many chores every day. In a traditional chlorine pool, you will need to add chlorine. the salt chlorinator technology does this automatically.

The generator only produces chlorine as needed. This reduces other necessary maintenance that could arise from over-chlorination, like corrosion. 

They Could Save You Money

Traditional chlorine is much more expensive than the simple ingredient used for salt chlorination. Over time, spending less on your pool sanitization chemicals could save you hundreds of dollars.

Saltwater pools do often come with a higher initial cost. This is because they require much more expertise to install. But, with little maintenance necessary, it will end up paying for itself.

Health Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

Saltwater is gentle on your skin, but did you know it can also help with exfoliation and moisturization? Plus, breathing in a little salt air can be great for your lungs and clear up mucus. Saltwater can even help you relax and reduce stress.

Saltwater pools are better for the environment, too! They release fewer chloramines into the air than traditional chlorine pools.

Get Your Saltwater Pool Now

While researching your backyard pool, consider more than the traditional chlorine pool! With all the benefits they offer, a saltwater pool could be the best choice for you. Learn more about saltwater pools, or contact an installer now!

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