What are the common mistakes you could avoid while installing a water heater

With more and more online guides and videos, there are a whole lot of people who take it up to themselves when it comes to installing water heaters. They are confident they could do it as there are always online suggestions and step-by-step tutorials to achieve this goal.  

But very often than not, this might take an ugly turn. There is a necessity of a certain skill set for the job and just some random help guides might not be totally useful. Since the installation involves flammable gas and withstanding high temperatures, it is risky for you to do the installation by yourself. It is always better to have an expert who provides the Best water heater installation service in Los Angeles to get it fixed for you.

Since the process requires qualified personnel with ample experience it would be highly advisable to get professional help. Here we are going to discuss some common water installations that you could make, which can be noted off and then avoided in due time. 

1. Soldering 

For the perfect installation of the water heater, there is a need for you to solder your pipes and then add a connection to the waterline and the heater. This often can be misdone and improperly placed. It could either be positioned too far or too close to the pipeline. 

This action of yours can be dangerous to the entire structure as the flame torch attached to the heater can lit up and cause a meltdown to the plastic framework if it is placed too close to the pipelines. This can be extremely catastrophic and even damage the tank forever. 

If you ever need water heater installation San Diego, call them for assistance, or else the trick here is to initially detach the pipe cork then solder them. Once the extension is created, attach the cork back up and place it at an optimum distance. Have patience and wait for the pipelines to cool down and after that, you can fix them up. In this way, you could save yourself and your structure from a major meltdown.  

2. Metal connections 

Using incompatible metal connections is another common mistake while self-installation of the water heaters. Usually, people overlook the fact that both the water pipes and the connectors have to be of the same material. 

If one is of any other metal, there can be a reaction that can cause permanent damage to you, the water heater, or the property. The key here is to see and examine the material of the pipes and get the same material connectors for lesser corrosion and longer life span of the water heaters.

Keeping this in mind and executing it well could save you from some extra charges you might have availed for later on. 

3. Relief valve 

It is one of the safety features in all of the water heaters available in the market. This enables that water heater pressure to be relieved from time to time making it safe to use. 

If the safety valve is not installed properly, there can be a vacuum created, which will drench hot water all over a person or the bathroom where it is fitted. Hence, this installation is significant to ensure the overall safety of the users. 

It is better to seek professional help at this stage and you can find out here about the best water heater installation in Los Angeles. They can get the fixture properly installed and you can hence use the water eater system with no second thoughts and hassle. 

4. Safety guidelines 

The safety guidelines pertaining to the installation and use of water heaters are usually given a bling sight when self-installing the water heater. One of the most common mistakes hence made is dry firing the heater. 

This happens when you haven’t ensured if the tank is filled with water and without consideration has switched on the heater. This can be dangerous as the electrical components could catch fire and serious damage could be caused.  

This safety guideline should be understood and kept in mind while self-installing. Yet another point would be not attaching the heater to the framing, which will cause its misplacement and even falling off or dropping down which is a highly unpleasant and catastrophic situation.  

5. Sizing

This point might seem very silly, but is an important one. You need to analyze which size is the optimum for your space. The installation can be messy if you have brought in the wrong sizing and then it looks more cluttered in the entire socket. If it is too small, it would serve your purpose. So be sure what your utilities are and the budget and ten spaces where you can accommodate it and then buy the perfect water heater. 

6. Location

Installing in the perfect space is very significant for proper functioning and safety reasons. It is to be kept in mind that you shouldn’t be attaching the heating system near closets, storage rooms. It should be spaced where it is convenient but also safe and secure. 

7. Placing drain pans 

This is recommended so that some leakage could be directed to the drain which is made with corrosion-resistant components. There can be water damage later on if this isn’t installed properly. With the placement of drain pipers, if at all there is a leak, it would be managed for some time until help arrives. 

8. Permissions 

All the permissions required to be taken into consideration and they are viable even if it is self-installed. Usually, when you hire an experienced plumber for the job, this is usually taken care of by them and you don’t have to do anything at all. 

So these are the most common mistakes people make while installing a water heater all on their own. This is an independent and more economical option for sure, but if not done properly can cost you twice as much and can create quite a hassle in and around your property. 

Professional help is usually a great option to hire, because they have dedicated professionals for each of your needs and they know their art and can help you easily and effectively. If you face any problem while installing a water heater, You can click here for more information about the best water heater installation company in  Los Angeles. give a call and the expert team would be at your doorstep with all the equipment and fix your issue and installation in no time. 


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