Which PMP Certification Training Institution Is Better?

At present, PMP certification can be applied in a wide range of job positions. There is a huge demand on the talents of project management from all walks of life. Therefore, the salary of project management personnel is usually higher than their co-workers. It can be said that PMP is a high salary occupation. Thus, more and more people take part in the PMP certification training in order to get the PMP certification. However, not everyone can sign up for the training. There are some requirements.

Today, we will introduce the requirements in details as follows:

PMP has relatively strict requirements on exam registration both in terms of educational background and working experience.

First, if you want to sign up for the PMP training and exam. You need to have the experience of taking part in PMP training or relevant study experience for at least more than thirty five hours. Furthermore, you need to give related certificate copies to prove that you have the experience.

When it comes to educational background, if you want to take PMP exam, you should at least have bachelor degree or the same level college degree. Also, you are required to have experience of project management involving five project management processes (initial, planning, execution, control and closing) with certain hours limit. Besides, you should have engaged in project management for at least three years within the six years before you apply for taking the exam.

Third, if you do not have bachelor degree or the same level college degree. You need to have longer time of project management, at least five-year experience within the eight years before applying for the exam.

Fourth, when applying for taking PMP certification training and exam, you need to submit relevant materials including exam application form, resume, and copies of experience proof, ID card, graduation certificates, and degree certificates. At the same time, you need to provide your name, work unit, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information.

If you want to take the exam successfully, you must know whether you are qualified. Only by satisfying these requirements, can you take the training and test. On the basis of meeting all the requirements, you can choose one formal PMP training institution and start learning PMP.

It is hard to find a training institution where teachers are excellent offering inexpensive prices and smooth communication. You can choose SPOTO that offers PMP certification training online, an institution of 18 years history.

How to Choose a Right PMP Training Institution

  1. Faculty group. Learning PMP is to learn the working procedures of projects and to learn how to think. Therefore, teachers teaching PMP should be highly professional with abundant experience. Whether the teacher has certain experience of managing large scale project is one criterion to assess the institution.
  2. The arrangement of courses. You need to have a look at whether the course time is adequate and whether the institution has taken course content into careful consideration.
  3. Institution scale and PMP exam pass rate: You need to consider how long the institution has been operated and how large the scale it is. Whether the exam pass rate is stable or not is also a significant factor, which can reflect the reputation of a training institution.
  4. Whether the institution has professional faculty teams?
  5. You should also consider value added services and other services of PMP training institutions. After passing the exam, you need to accumulate PDU to conduct re-certification. A good training institution has interesting study activities to help PMP certificate holders to acquire PDU freely.

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