Yoga Poses for Migraine Headache Pain Relief

Migraine is a neurological disorder that results in repeating episodes of headaches that range from moderate to high intensity. Mostly it puts an impact only on one half of your head, and it varies in duration. It can last from 2 hours up to 2 days. When a person is under migraine attack, the sufferer might become highly sensitive to light or even noise. Some of the other symptoms include nausea, pain aggravation and vomiting.

What are the different options for treating migraines?

If you are getting is an ache for many years, or you are recently diagnosed with migraine, there are several ways other than medication that will assist you in overcoming the pain. Arterial surgery, optical nerve stimulation, beta-blockers, and some anti-depressants are some preventive measures that can help you fight migraine attacks.

But it would help if you remained well-aware as all of these methods have their side effects. When you select any of these methods, it might enhance the hypotension risk, insomnia, along with heart attacks and nausea.

But there is one way for fighting against this pain without affecting other parts of the body in the whole process. Yes, it is yoga. Have a look at some of the poses of yoga that helps in treating migraine.

Yoga poses for migraines and headaches:

Yoga is one of the ancient methods that helps in promoting holistic living by mixing different postures and breathing techniques. Yoga has no side effects. By practicing some of the simple yoga poses for some minutes in a day, you can easily manage migraine pain. A 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh in extensive training teaches you all beneficial yoga poses for your well-being.

Hastapdasan or standing forward bend: This pose Hastapadasana helps in invigorating your nervous system by enhancing the blood supply and also helps in calming your mind.

Setu Bandhasana or Bridge pose: It is a yoga pose that assists you in calming your brain and also decreases anxiety.

Sishuasana or the child pose: When you do child pose, it calms down your nervous system and efficiently decreases your pain.

Marjariasana or cat stretch: This yoga pose assists you in enhancing blood circulation and also calms your mind.

Paschimottanasana or Two-legged forward bend: Paschimottanasana helps in calming your brains and also releases stress. This yoga posture is simply great for getting relief from the headache.

Padmasana or the lotus pose: The lotus pose helps in relaxing your mind and alleviating your headache.

Cat or cow pose: It is a pose that involves moving between cat and cow. It does not assist you in relieving your tension in the upper part of the body but also assists in boosting your blood flow as well as circulation. This brings in more oxygen to your brain and then help in easing some of the pain because of headache.

Seated forward fold: This pose helps stretch your spine and opens up your shoulder, which again helps relieve some of your tension in association with headaches. Also, seated forward folds in specific assist your upper body and neck relax entirely so that your head can easily rest on your legs without any effort.

Ragdoll pose: Also called forward fold. It allows your head to bow towards the earth and enable all tension to go off your neck and spine. The kind hug from gravity assists your headache pain and makes some peace in your spine and neck.

Legs up the wall: It is one of the great restoration poses. Similar to the downward dog pose, here also blood flows in the opposite direction towards your brain. When more blood and oxygen flow into your brain, your headache becomes less painful.

Savasana: When you practice savasana, your whole body becomes completely relaxed, and it gets the necessary support from the ground. This release assists in decreasing your migraine, in addition to the deep breathing that goes with this pose. It enhances oxygen flow to your brain.

Know about some of the essential tips and warnings while practicing this poses for your maximum benefits:

  • The pose is not the only thing that assists in getting relief from pain. Breathing work also plays a significant role in decreasing pain. Are you feeling confused thinking about the same? Alternate nostril breathing assists in opening and calming the mind besides alleviating the headache pain. In this breathing technique, make use of your right hand for plugging your right nostril and then start inhaling through your left and then exhale through the left nostril. To get the maximum benefits, it is best to repeat this technique 8-10 times. A 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh make you learn everything.
  • When you practice yoga, it assists in activating your parasympathetic nervous system and deactivates your amygdala, which is the pain and anxiety in the centre of your brain. It helps in alleviating your headaches from tension and offers you some relief from the pain.
  • But if you are entirely new to yoga, then it’s best to consult with a doctor first. Some people who are suffering from hypertension or glaucoma may not carry out some of the yoga poses. Keep practicing mindfulness where you have to be gentle with yourself and always keep listening to your body. You can end the yoga regime by lying down in the pose for few minutes.
  • Migraine attacks often cause some unbearable pain and can affect both personal as well as professional life. If you try to explain your situation to your close and loved ones, it encourages moral and emotional support. It also assists them in having an open-minded view of your whole situation.
  • Yoga is undoubtedly one of the significant ways to develop resistance against migraines but should not be considered as a substitute for medicine. It is advised to continue medication without the help of a doctor. When you practice these yoga postures, it reduces the effect of a migraine attack and gradually stops them.
  • Yoga indeed assists in developing your body and mind but not a substitute for medicines. It is essential to learn and perform yoga under string supervision of any trained yoga teacher. If you have a medical condition, then do yoga only after you consult a doctor. You can also consult the yoga experts from the top yoga school in Rishikesh, because this place has lot of highly professional yoga teachers.

So, start rolling out your yoga mat, repost for some time every day, and then shut the migraine out of your head.

To reap the best outcome, try practicing yoga in addition to your regular treatment. Keep in mind that there is no one-size fit for migraines.

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