10 Amazing Ways to Make Coloring Pages Fun for Kids

Many people will argue that alI children love Coloring as well as using coloring pages.  Well, that isn’t a fact because there are kids that do not love coloring and find it a stressful activity to engage in.

I know this because I have a 5 years old nephew who can’t settle down to color anything. He picks up a crayon, plays with it for a while and after making a mark, drops it. He would argue with me that he had finished coloring and grumbled on how he hates the activity.

The truth is that it could be so hard for some kids to go through the coloring activity. We have gotten some great ideas that can make kids love coloring even if it is for some minutes for a start. Here are 10 amazing and creative ways for kids to fall in love with coloring.

1. Engage kids in crafted arts activities that supports coloring

Kids love engaging in crafts and one of the best ways to get them to color is by encouraging them to use  their drawing tools such as papers or cardboard to create crafts for their coloring activities.

By this, they can  color things that can  be hung on their wall or anywhere of their choice with a magnet. The craft should be something similar to the coloring pages and can make use of their coloring pencils, stickers, crayons and what have you. Kids love coloring on paper that can make them proud of their ability whenever they state it because it reminds them of the fun activity.

2. Create a different medium for coloring activity

It isn’t wrong to use a different method to draw kids’ attention to coloring. You can also create a different medium that is suitable for the new method adopted. There are kids that prefer the use of coloring pencils to the crayons when engaging in their coloring activity. Also,due to comfort, some  kids enjoy using colored pencils or markers instead of crayons.

Moreso, you can try to use coloring pages that have licensed characters that easily fascinate them  instead of the regular black and white images that do not easily pin them down to coloring for hours.

3. Make use of Stickers with representation of Number/Letter/Word

This way is easy and simple to use. Kids are familiar with letters, numbers and words. The use of stickers with the representation of the aforementioned elements to appeal to kids. How can you achieve this method? Simple! Just hide letters, words, numbers or even the combination of the three written on the stickers in their coloring pages. You can also use coloring pages that have those elements in them. Then give them coloring pages  and ask them to place  the right number, letter or words on them.

Infact, when kids fall in love with this amazing way, it can easily become their favourite coloring activity. Try and see!

4. Use the Puzzle Method to develop their cognitive ability

Puzzle method engages kids’ cognitive abilities and challenges their minds to think or put on their think tank. With this, kids can be encouraged to use their imaginative capability to color and complete the images or pictures.  This is a simple task that will easily arrest kids’ attention and capture their total interests.

You don’t need to stress yourself in preparation to introduce this method to your kids. All that is needed is to cut a paper with the images  into various pieces of paper with cut out images that can be gotten and kids can put them together to form a whole image.  You can also reach kids on the proper way to cut those images and how to put them together using glues or what have you. After putting the papers back together, they can bring out their colors and colors as they like.

5. Amazing coloring on 3D objects or surfaces

Oh! 3D is surely one awesome way to totally get that kid to love coloring. Kids love not only to draw on different surfaces but also to color. Coloring on various planes can create  a lot of fun time for kids. You don’t need to use up all your funds to get something expensive for your kids but you can make use of wooden blocks and other flat surfaces that can easily get them fascinated and engaged.

3D Coloring

6. Coloring a Specific image for a reason

Kids will fall in love with an activity when there is a genuine reason for it.  Kids can color a specific image for a reason such as a gift for a family or friends, as an ornament or even for decoration. All these reasons and more will get them curious to engage in coloring activity to see the reaction from the person receiving or view the beauty where it is being  used as a form of decoration.

This makes kids focus and use their energy to create a unique image. They won’t stop coloring until they fulfill the purpose. Also, wooden frames can be used to design their own frame to save or keep their images.

7. Use color by number/letter method

This method isn’t just a coloring activity but an educational or learning form of engaging kids. It is very easy and simple with the use of letters, words, shapes or anything else that the kid is  learning which can be found in their coloring pages.

Kids can be guided to match their color codes to the numbers, letters or words. Also, the numbers, letters or words can be written on the images that will be coloured with a specific color.

You can also use the game method of rolling a die or calling out numbers to make it more fun for kids.  After that, you can guide them to color one of the numbers in the images till the activity is done.

8. Use the dots or sequence method for coloring

This method is quite easy and will engage kids who love creating patterns in their books. Kids can engage in coloring by using their coloring pencil, pen, or even marker to draw little dots or circles in their pages.

They can use the dots or sequence to identify the color that can be used for each part of the coloring pages.This method is great for improving their  color recognition.

9. Make a Collage with Craft Supplies

This is a hands-on method that will excite kids. They can be given the best craft supplies such as tissue paper, pom poms, feathers, googly eyes, scrap paper, buttons, and other art supplies to make a collage.The supplies can be  used to create a collection of glued objects into their coloring page which form a creative work of art.

10. Give kids the best support

Sometimes, it is better not to be hard on kids or making coloring seem like a herculean task. Don’t push them too hard or force them to do it.

Instead, you should creatively engage them using different ways to make them fall in love with coloring.

The above discussed method or ideas should work with even the most difficult kid. Use any of the ways to get them to fall in love with art and coloring. Coloring pages have numerous benefits and no kid should hate it but get to discover the treasures hidden in those pages.

Have fun as you color in.


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