10 Best Snacks Every Diabetes Patient Must Include in Their Diet!

Who does not like a snack between the two meals! But unfortunately, it almost becomes a crime to even think about them when you are suffering from diabetes. Well, as per the experts, you surely can have snacks between two meals but they have to be chosen cautiously.

The things you have to consider before opting for a snack are if they are high in fiber, healthy fats, and protein or not. If a snack contains these nutrients, it may help you in keeping your blood glucose at optimal levels.

This kind of snack does not only helps in keeping your blood sugar normal but also promotes the overall health of your body.

Here we have mentioned a few of the excellent choices of snacking for diabetes patients. Have a look –

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a powerhouse of healthy nutrients, and hence, are considered a super healthy snacking option for diabetes patients.

They pack a healthy amount of protein, to be specific, one large hard-boiled egg contains six grams of protein, which eventually keeps your blood sugar levels within the normal range even after having it.

Studies have proven that eggs not only reduce the fasting blood sugar levels but also lower the HbA1c, which is a measure of your blood sugar levels in a longer period of time.

Moreover, eggs make you feel full which helps in managing type 2 diabetes efficiently. This also helps you in preventing unintended weight gain, which may later cause heart diseases.

You can have one or two hard-boiled eggs between any two meals of the day.

2. Yogurt with Berries

Having yogurt along with berries can also help you amazingly well in killing your hunger pangs between the two meals and keeping your blood sugar levels normal.

Basically, berries contain antioxidants that can possibly reduce inflammation and prevent the cells in your pancreas from damaging, which is the body organ responsible for producing hormones called insulin, that lowers your blood sugar levels. Moreover, berries also contain a great amount of fiber.

Yogurt is also known for keeping blood sugar levels under control. It happens because of its probiotic content which helps your body in metabolizing the foods that contain sugar.

Additionally, yogurt also contains a high quantity of protein, which is known to keep the blood sugar levels in check.

When you consume yogurt and berries together, they not only double the benefits but also produce a great taste.

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3. Almonds

A handful of almonds can fulfill a great amount of your daily nutritional needs, and yes, they are extremely convenient to snack on as well.

Here is the list of nutritious contents a single ounce (28 grams) of almonds can provide –

  • Over 15 vitamins and minerals
  • Manganese – About 32 percent of the daily recommended intake
  • Magnesium – About 19 percent of the daily recommended intake
  • Riboflavin – About 17 percent of the daily recommended intake

Research has proven that almonds help a lot of diabetes patients in keeping their blood glucose levels under control. Studies have shown that regular consumption of almonds reduces the HbA1c levels by about three percent.

The reason why almonds help in stabilizing the blood sugar levels is the amount of fiber, healthy fats and protein they contain. As we have already mentioned, these are the nutrients you require for proper management of diabetes.

Furthermore, almonds have also proven to be helpful in keeping the cholesterol levels in check, which keeps your heart healthy. They also help in weight management, which is extremely important for preventing and managing type 2 diabetes.

You, however, may have to watch your portion size as they are really high in calories too. Hence, not exceeding over a handful of them on a daily basis is highly recommended.

4. Veggies and Hummus

Hummus, which is a creamy spread,  is made out of chickpeas. It produces a really soothing taste when combined with some raw vegetables.

Interestingly, apart from a great taste, both, hummus and veggies, offer a rich amount of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Moreover, hummus also contains a good amount of protein.

All these qualities together make hummus and veggies a great snacking option for a diabetes patient.

5. Avocado

Avocados are a highly recommended snacking option for diabetes patients as many researchers have proven that they help in managing blood glucose levels.

They are such a highly rated diabetes-friendly food because of their high fiber content and monounsaturated fatty acids. These nutrients are the reason why your blood sugar levels do not go up even after having a meal.

Similar to almonds, avocados also contain a lot of calories. Hence, it is highly recommended to not exceed the suggested serving size of 1/4 to 1/2 of the avocado.

6. Sliced Apples with Peanut Butter

Apple slices along with peanut butter not only make it a very delicious snack but also a healthy one for diabetes patients.

Apples contain a lot of healthy nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B. On the other hand, peanut butter contains rich amounts of magnesium, manganese, and vitamin E. All these vitamins and minerals are proven to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Moreover, apples and peanut butter, are rich in fiber content.

Additionally, apples have been proven to have a great impact on diabetes management. They possess polyphenol antioxidants which help in protecting the pancreatic cells responsible for producing insulin.

7. Beef Sticks

Beef sticks are also a very tasty, easy-to-have snacking option for diabetes patients. They are a rich source of protein and low carbohydrate contents, which makes them a perfect option for diabetes patients.

Due to high protein content, these help in keeping your blood sugar levels under control.

You are suggested to have grass-fed beef as compared to grain-fed beef. Grass-fed beef contains way more omega-3 fatty acids than the other option, making it ideal for keeping blood sugar at optimal levels.

You are also suggested to watch your portion size as beef sticks are also a rich source of sodium, which can bring a spike in the blood pressure level of the patients.

8. Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas, which are also called garbanzo beans, are not only healthy for diabetes patients but are also a very tasty legume.

Every cup of roasted chickpeas (about 164 grams) contains about 15 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber, which makes them one of the healthiest snacking options for diabetes patients to manage their blood glucose levels.

Research has also proven that regular consumption of chickpeas plays a vital role in keeping diabetes from progressing further. It happens because of the nutrients they have to offer for managing blood sugar levels.

Having chickpeas in roasted form makes them a very tasty, crunchy, and convenient snacking option. If you can roast them with olive oil and put some seasoning of your choice, you can make a great healthy snack to have between two meals. your diet will increase the number of amino acids

9. Tuna Salad

Tuna salad is basically a combination of tuna, mayonnaise, and other ingredients as preferred by the consumer, like onions and celery. This not only is a really tasty option, but it also helps diabetes patients a lot in managing their blood sugar levels.

Every three-ounce (about 84 grams) of tuna contains 22 grams of protein and no carbohydrates, making it an exceptional snacking option for diabetes patients.

Furthermore, tuna is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which, many studies have proven, have the potential to reduce inflammation and improve blood glucose management among patients.

If you want to make it even tastier and healthier, you can consider mixing tuna with cottage cheese and yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

10. Popcorn

We already know that popcorn is very convenient, easy to make, and a tasty snacking option. Well, it also is a super healthy snacking option for people suffering from diabetes.

As per the experts, popcorn is one of the best snacking options for people suffering from diabetes. One of the reasons behind that is the low-calorie density they have. A cup (about 8 grams) of air-popped popcorn only possesses 31 calories.

Hence, snacking on low-calorie foods may help you in keeping your weight under control which is a common occurrence among diabetes patients. This also decreases your blood glucose levels, helping you in managing type 2 diabetes efficiently.

Moreover, every 8 grams of popcorn provides 1 gram of fiber which is also one of the reasons for it being considered a diabetes-friendly food

The only thing you have to ensure is that you do not consume prepackaged popcorn which contains a high quantity of salt, trans fats, and some other unhealthy ingredients. You should only have air-popped popcorn for the best results.


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