10 Best Ways for Virtual Rakhi Celebrations in Lockdown

Everything has turned into an “at-home” business soon after the COVID-19 pandemic hit India in 2020, leading to a complete lockdown across the country. Not just the human lives, but even the economy turned upside down, making HOMES a permanently safe place to stay. The safety of loved ones became of the utmost importance for the people, making them prefer indoors to outdoors. As the outbreak of this disease was not a temporary one but about to last long, all the celebrations became private affairs for the people.

One of the significant festivals in India that noticed indoor celebrations is Raksha Bandhan. Earlier, people used to visit their siblings at each other’s houses for the Rakhi celebrations. Still, under critical circumstances of the virus, the virtual celebrations of the Raksha Bandhan have become a ‘new normal’. People have now indulged in online Rakhi shopping to send Rakhi to their brothers residing nationwide and internationally.

Although the happiness and enjoyment of the Rakhi festival will not be the same as before, keeping in mind the safety of your dear ones from the virus, celebrating this festival virtually is a good alternative. Here we have brought a list of ways for virtual Rakhi celebrations in the lockdown:

  1. Celebrations on a video call

The video calling facility has enabled humankind to connect with their loved ones who stay quite away from them. Seeing just their happy and emotional faces brings peace to your heart and satisfaction to your soul. For your Rakhi celebrations, you can make a video call to your brothers or sisters and celebrate the festival virtually, but with loads of happiness.

  1. Online gift delivery on Raksha Bandhan

As shopping for Rakhi and Rakhi gifts online is the only option left with you to indulge in the festive celebrations amidst the situation of lockdown, you can delight your brothers and sisters by sending your unique tokens of love through a reputable online Rakhi shop. No matter in which country your brother stays in, many websites offer both national and international Rakhi delivery online to their customers.

  1. Send digital gifts online

People thinking of special gifts for Raksha Bandhan as gifting is a common tradition on the festival is digital gifts. These are innovative gifts from the field of advanced technology designed for lockdown celebrations. Digital gifts are inclusive of the guitarist on call, special video messages, violinist on call, celebrity video messages, etc.

  1. Deliver home-cooked food

People having their siblings residing in the same city allow them to send what they want very easily. Even though they cannot be there with their siblings on Rakhi, but they can send a delicious home-cooked treat to them made with their own hands using a reputed delivery service. As in the current situation, it is not safe to send food items delivered online from their favourite restaurants; home-cooked food is always a safer option.

  1. Prepare a heart-touching video

Suppose a video call makes you feel embarrassed by the sudden emotional breakdown in front of your siblings. In that case, you can always prepare a warming video message for them to express your happiness of having them safe in your life and the sorrow of not being with them for the celebrations. Such an expression of your emotions will strengthen your bonds with them without making you feel nervous.

  1. Play video games online

With the launch of many online video games like Clash of the Clans, PubG, Call of Duty, etc., you can always have fun with your siblings playing such games online with them at the Rakhi festival. Such activities will make you forget the feelings of sadness due to their absence.

  1. Post special message on social media

Social media is a popular platform to express your love and affection to your dear ones publicly. Create a special post for your distant brothers and sisters who you miss on Raksha Bandhan using photographs describing beautiful moments spent together. Such a display of affection will surely melt their hearts!

  1. Dress up like before

No matter the Rakhi celebrations are more private now due to restrictions of lockdown, you can still make the festival memorable for each other by dressing in your best ethnic attires just like you did two years back. Such things will make you forget that we are in the middle of a crisis and will bring you happiness and satisfaction.

  1. Play a special Rakhi song

Enjoying the beautiful and harmonious Rakhi songs on Raksha Bandhan with your siblings on a conference video call will bring an affectionate feel to your celebrations. You can perform the tika and Rakhi tying ceremony on a video call with a special song of siblings in the background.

  1. E-greeting cards

There are numerous websites available that help you create a beautiful Raksha Bandhan greeting card for your amazing siblings. You can choose the best greetings cards online in your choice of themes and colors.

Final Words

Irrespective that Rakhi celebration can never be like before; we can still add a touch of happiness and amazement to them with our thoughtfulness. Never let the distance stop you from jollifying and send Rakhi to India for memorable festivities. After all, celebrations make human lives worth living and adding a bit of taste of sweetness can make them memorable. So, stay home, stay safe and keep having fun using the technology!!!


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