10 Elegant Formal Outfits for Pakistani Women Over 30

In your 20s, you can get away with a lot, sartorially speaking. However, once you pass 30, those swerves – the mismatched patterns, the unflattering silhouettes – are not as acceptable as they once were. Now that you have grown up, it is high time for your wardrobe to as well. With that in mind, we have cobbled together 30 elegant formal outfits for Pakistani Women to help you learn how to dress in your 30s.

1. Stunning Saree

There is no match to the grace and elegance of a saree. No wonder generations of women opted for the timeless nine yards on different occasions to add allure and charm to their personalities. If you are looking to achieve a glamorous look, then a designer saree for a wedding party is something you should definitely consider giving a try! With one saree, you can achieve different looks and styles! Different styles of draping, color and fabric works for different women. If you have hit your 30s, go for silk or chiffon, and some unique colors such as Blush Pink and Smoky Beige.

2. Glamorous Gown 

Let yourself rise and shine bright for your very special occasion, wearing a captivating gown. Maxi dresses are a great option when it comes to staying stylish and comfortable at your wedding. Usually, when you think of maxi dresses, images of bohemian, flowy frocks often come to mind – but there are also a variety of silhouettes and embellishments that can make super-long dresses more tailored, more formal and perfect for your 30s.

3. Traditional Lehenga

Popularly referred to as a lehenga-choli, this traditional attire has garnered a huge fan following over decades. Be it weddings, parties, or any other formal occasion. A lehenga is a perfect fit for those looking for a glitzy look. It is a skirt that generally sits around the waist and flares in an A-line shape. This helps accentuate your midsection, giving you a slender appearance. The lehenga is paired with a matching choli (blouse)/ shirt and dupatta that can be beautifully draped in different styles to make a statement. Depending on the fabric, the intricacy of embroidery and the quality of embellishment, you can customize it to fit your 30s.

4. Classic Gharara

Up until the 20th century, regardless of class stature, most women across the South Asian belt wore a ghagra. This 3-piece attire originated from India and soon became a cult favorite. The ghagra comprises chiefly of a loose skirt, with a matching blouse, and a dupatta that can also be styled in different ways. The skirt is usually flared and lightweight and comes in breathable fabric. This makes the ghagra an ideal choice for a semi-formal occasion. However, you can customize it for a more formal look by opting for expensive fabrics such as silk, chiffon, jamawar etc.

5. Staggering Gharara

Ghararas are in fashion currently and women cannot have enough of this beautiful designer ethnic wear. A gharara design consists of a kurta, a dupatta and wide-legged pants that flare dramatically from the knees. It is a traditional luknawi outfit and women prefer to wear this high-on glam outfit for festivities such as Eid and weddings. The cuts are feminine and utterly fetching for any age group.

6. Modern Sharara

Delicate femininity is captured through a classic sharara. Perfect for a bride who wants to exude a peppy and young aura with utmost grace. Be it minimal classy on toned looks to colorful flowy garments –shararas are a concoction of timeless appeal and glamour that would make you look ethereal. Choose from dark or symphony of bright and pastel colors, and get ready for a tale of royalty and glamour with grace and grandeur.

7. Trendy Kaftan

This is every girl’s modern dream. For women with zest and energy a kaftan exudes grace and panache that embodies perfection.  This modern cut can be given a touch of traditional embellishment with gotta, tilla or sitari work. Pair it with some diamond-style jewelry and show off your playful side with a bright hue or unleash your inner romantic with some deep dark colors.

8. Simple Shalwar Kameez

Plain outfits never go out of fashion. Add some plain light-colored and pastel-colored Shalwar Kameez to your wardrobe and stun on any occasion. Also, add khussas of almost every color to your closet.

9. Beautiful Trouser Shirt

Party at a friend’s house? Or attending your farewell ceremony? There are several reasons for partying, and there is no missing the best part; getting ready! Go for a modern yet simple trouser-shirt and amp up your game.

10. Stylish Maxi

Maxi Dresses are diversely worn in Pakistan on different occasions. Since this silhouette of ethnic dresses is very flowy, it gives you free movement to flutter around, has a nice drape and is flattering for your figure. It has a frock-like a silhouette with mostly an A-line shape and a length that goes all down to the floor. You can be as selective with the style and length of your maxi as you like. Go with a floor-length, a below-knee length, or an ankle-length maxi as per your preference.

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