10 Fun Things To Do Indianapolis You Can’t-Miss 

Today, we are talking about the “Circle City” also known as Indianapolis. One of the major claims of Indianapolis to fame it’s exciting series of sporting events, including the famous Indianapolis 500, which is the largest single-day sports event. It is also the National Collegiate Athletic Association. 

Indianapolis is a great tourist destination and undoubtedly one of the best vacation spots in the world, with plenty of places to visit and see. If you are going to be around the city and want to get some ideas about what you can do there. How you can explore the best sightseeing and visit as many tourist places as you can. So, Don’t wait anymore. Just plan your getaway and book southwest airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every booking. Book now and get ready to explore the best of city Offers.

Highlighting 10 Things That You Can Do While in Indianapolis:

Monument Circle 

If you are in Indianapolis, visiting the memorial circle is also known as the Soldier and Sailor Memorial. It is located in the Washington Street- Monument Circle Historic District. It is the largest outdoor monument and the largest of its kind in Indiana. 

White Rite State Park

White Park State Park is one of the best parks you can find in Indiana today. Located in the city of Indianapolis, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the US, it covers 250 acres and is full of footpaths to walk downstairs, areas to sit down for picnics, and some fresh Peaceful place to get wind and relax.   

Duckpin Bowling

Another unusual game played in good old Indy is Duckpin Bowling. It is somewhat similar to traditional bowling but has a unique twist that makes it a specialty of Indianapolis. This is a fairly easy game to follow the rules, although some may find it more difficult than the usual type of bowling that they used to use. 

Tappers Arcade Bar

The Tappers Arcade Bar is one of the most exciting attractions you visit in Indianapolis. It is packed with vintage arcade games, many of which are free to play, and a delicious selection of fine Indianapolis craft beers available to order. The bar allows you to bring outside food, so you can buy some great options next door or even order some to be delivered. 

Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is one of those essential Indianapolis attractions that you cannot miss today only in Indiana. A wide range of different events are listed here, and if you are there at the right time, you can catch a game, enjoy some Indy Eleven, or maybe watch a concert. You can choose to visit the stadium days of the week.

Holliday Park 

It is significant historical, holding bits and pieces of Indiana history at every turn. Within its grounds, you can find an arboretum, a nature center that caters to all ages, and a playground that allows your children to relax or have fun walking near the area. You can see the fascinating ruins, which were once a skyscraper in New York that was demolished and relocated to Indianapolis, where they turned into fascinating artifacts.

Market Street Catacombs

A century ago, these tunnels were constructed of brick and limestone, which were interconnected, adding an ominous layer to the history of this Indiana State. They were used to produced and transport meat through Indianapolis and keep them cool before the arrival of refrigeration. 

Art Center

The Art Center is a wonderful place to stop through on your weekend in Indiana. This is the biggest community center of its kind in Indiana, and even in the whole country. You will find the three galleries that show off some of the best art that the region has to offer. So, if you are an art lover, you can go to this Art Center is among the things to do in Indy to add to your list.

Medical History Museum 

If you work in the field of medicine and you are near Indianapolis, the Medical History Museum is a fun place you just have to leave. It sits in the background of Indiana’s Central State Hospital as one of the funniest things in Indianapolis, and the most obscure. It was originally opened to investigate the causes behind mental illness. 

Fort Harrison State Park 

Fort Harrison State Park, referred to by Indianapolis residents as Fort Ben, is a wonderful place to go sightseeing or just relax a little. It earned its name from president Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd US president. This park offers many different routes for you to roam. Maple and walnut trees flank the walkway, some of which surround Delaware Lake. 

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In the Nutshell

At the end of this blog, we can say that Indiana is a state that offers a huge number of events & things to do in Indianapolis that will keep you engaged and excited all the time. So, look out these above-listed places and book the cheapest flights from philadelphia to indianapolis and also save up to 35% off on each booking. Book now and make the most of your vacation in the U.S.A.


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