10 hacks for writing a great college paper when you are lazy

SuperiorPapers can relate to you more than you know. We understand how writers can be a chore. Honestly, we do. As a college student, you have so much to do. As a result of that writing, your papers take a backseat in your activities. You have to stud hard, and there are tutorials you would love to attend. In addition to that, you also want to be part of the various extracurricular activities on campus. These activities can help improve your skills and your employability. So, you get tired of writing your college paper. Also, you can’t find the motivation. In this post, you would learn how to write an excellent college paper when you are lazy. You don’t have to feel alone. We are confident that with our tips, you would get over this soon. 

The Problem of Motivation. What is Making you Lazy, and how you Can Conquer it. 

Above, we mentioned some of the activities that make you feel reluctant about writing your essay. Here, we would elaborate on some of those situations. We would do this to show you are not alone in your struggles. 

  • You are tired and overwhelmed. It is normal if you feel this. You have a lot of assignments to deal with as a college student. The volume of work you have to do can intimidate you. The feeling of intimidation can prevent you from working. To conquer this feeling, you have to plan your days extensively. 
  • You are too focused on grades. A lot is riding on your getting top grades. However, focusing on it too much can make your feel unnecessary pressure. Sure, grades are important but try to split your focus from them. Do this by enjoying the process of studying than focusing on what the result would be. 
  • You procrastinate. The feeling of intimidation can make you procrastinate. Still, procrastination is a significant enemy to your progress. It would add to the pressure you already feel. So, to conquer this, be determined not to procrastinate. You can help yourself by downloading productivity apps also. 
  • You don’t like your topic. Sometimes, you are assigned a topic you don’t like. As much as your feelings are firm about the topic, this is where you have to be determined. Now, you have to learn to put your personal feelings aside. Instead of not doing anything at all, start small. Attack the essay in bits. 
  • You don’t feel confident in your writing ability. If you think this, then you should know that to cure it, you have to write. Writing is the only way you can gain confidence. So, as above, attack the essay in bits. Research your article, plan and read different papers to improve your writing. 

The Hacks

Always have a Goal

Make your goal a physical thing by writing it out. It sounds cheesy, but it really helps. When you wrote your goal down, it helps you train your focus better. Your goal when it comes to your essay is to finish early. When you are feeling unmotivated, tired, and overwhelmed, refer to your goal. Seeing it and reading it out could be just what you need to get fired up. Doing this can help you trick your mind into staying motivated. 

Plan your essay, then Break Down the Process of Writing

When you get your essay topic or choose your topic, have a plan. By planning, you have to know if you have a word or page limit and your writing time. Also, you have to find out the resources you would need. By resources, we mean materials such as textbooks, journals, articles, etc. It is when you know this that you can break down the process of writing. 

Breaking down the writing prevents you from intimidation. It also prevents you from being overwhelmed. Make it a step-by-step process. Set the time for research. After researching, you outline. Then when setting another time for writing. Your writing can even be broken into stages. It would help you with your focus. Instead of thinking of the essay as a whole, you think of it in stages. 

Create a Writing Schedule

Naturally, when you have broken the essay into steps, you have to create a timeframe. You have to create exact dates for each stage. When you do this, you must hold yourself accountable to these dates. To make it work, you should plan your writing periods to times you are usually most productive. So, find out your more productive periods and plan around those times. 

Find a Great Writing Place 

An excellent writing area can help you stay motivated to write. It can also help you fight laziness and make writing an exciting thing for you to do. An ideal writing space should not be filled with distraction. You can also design your writing space filled with motivational quotes that would inspire you to write. 

Don’t feel Tense.

It would help if you didn’t write with tension. You have a schedule and a timeframe. Don’t look at others who are ahead of you. Don’t compare yourself with others. When you do that, you are only going to intimidate yourself. When you scare yourself, you demotivate yourself. 

Draw an Outline 

Now, you are ready to write. The first thing you do at this stage is to write your outline. Many people dive into their essays without outlines and end up frustrated. They don’t have a structure to follow. An outline gives you a form. The design would allow you to keep track of your essay progress. 

Try to Freewrite.

When you are unwilling to write, continue to write. Freewrite helps you get over blocks that keep you from writing. So, write, and when you get the writing juices flowing, you can come and fix the essay. 

Write the Introduction Last 

People get intimidated by the introduction. People feel so much pressure trying to write an introduction that will hook a reader. Different people don’t write an essay because of their search for the best introduction. Don’t be like them. Complete your paper and after you are done, create an introduction. After you have completed the essay, it would become easier to write your introduction.  

Take Breaks

Don’t write too much at a time. Learn to take breaks. Breaks are essential to keeping you motivated. So, take breaks and relax. You can watch a movie, hang out without friends or family. Don’t burden yourself with too much work. 

Reward yourself

Many of our writers have tried this. It works like a charm. Now that you have broken your essay down into steps. Reward yourself when you complete these steps. Rewarding yourself will make you motivated to work and achieve more steps so you can get more treats. 


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