10 Personalized Corporate Gifting Ideas Guaranteed to Wow in 2022

There’s an old saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” But what kind of gift brings someone a lot of thoughts? It’s the one that they can use in many ways. Something that not only remains as an object d’art but has different functions, too. 

Your gifts don’t have to be traditional or boring. Corporate gift ideas should be a perfect reflection of the company and what it is trying to achieve. This can include a particular service or product, a brand, or a theme. But it should also be something that the other person likes.

Why settle for something predictable when you can wow them with something new? Wouldn’t it be great if you could laser-focus on the person and find out exactly what they want? And if you’ve read this far, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Corporate Gifts: Personalization is Key

Corporate gifting is all about creating a memorable and effective touchpoint. Gifting corporate partners shows how much they mean to you. Whatever gifts you’re giving, the most important thing is to make sure it’s special.

What better way to do this than to add a touch of personality to your gift? 

Personalization is a way of telling your customers or employees that you see them. It helps remove the idea that you’re giving them presents because you have to. It’s a way to make corporate gifting personal while still being professional about it.

Personalized corporate gifts have become an important part of corporate gifting. In fact, its market increased 400% during the last seven years. And they have become more important ever since the pandemic broke out two years ago. 

Companies struggle to strengthen employee engagement with work-from-home setups. Custom-made gifts filled the gap between this lack of human connection with their employees.

The Best Personalized Corporate Gifts This 2022 

Time is running out – don’t wait until December to start planning. Don’t worry. Here are some gift ideas you can use to delight your clients and employees. The sheer elegance of these gift ideas blows away your clients because they are so personal. And the best part is that they don’t cost much more than traditional gifts. 

That’s why we put together this top 10 list of corporate gift ideas to give this 2022. Make sure you also know how to package a gift. This way, you will score well on both the gift-giving front and your creativity quotient.

Personalized Kitchen Accessories

 1. Resin Coaster 

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift idea for coworkers, a personalized resin coaster is a must. Resin art is the best gift if you want something that shows how much thought you put into choosing.

Picking a resin color that your employee or coworker loves is one the best ways to go by this. You can also add the ink of your choice layered onto the ceramic coaster blank. And what could make it better than a hand-lettered name or phrase? This kitchen accessory is a conversation piece and gives a nice accent to their home.

2. Serving Trays 

Designed to be versatile, serving trays are stunning on their own. But, they also work well with other kitchen tools. A gorgeous bamboo tray will dazzle anyone who comes into your home. If your employee or customer loves hosting parties, this is the best gift for them. 

Impressing your guests is hard when they decide to stay the night at your place. Serving them breakfast in bed with round serving trays can make them feel special. 

Giving someone unique serveware will help them serve their guests better. A wooden serving board with beautiful designs can make any cheese and meat platter more appetizing. Resin charcuterie boards are the best at giving guests a nice dinner experience. 

3. Cheese Boards

You can also give your customers pieces of cheese boards. They are ideal for serving both large and small groups of people. They make a wonderful gift for housewarmings, family events, or even birthdays if they love cooking. 

Deliver cheese platters with style. And the food doesn’t have to be cheese. They can combine cheese with meat to create the perfect cheese and meat board. You can find small cheese boards that are suitable for small get-togethers. Large cheese boards can serve up to 10 people, which is great for New Year’s Eve parties.

4. Engraved Serveware

Give a gift that will last a lifetime. Every piece of serveware becomes a work of art with personalization. Sending a unique message to your client through engraved serveware will surely wow them. It also makes a good kitchen design, perfect for their serveware collection.

5. Breadboards

Breadboards are a delightful, modern, and practical gift idea for any occasion. You can send them this modern serveware during housewarmings, anniversaries, or weddings. 

Breadboards are the gifts that make anyone think of your company. Anyone uses cutting boards at home, so surely your client will, too. Adding engravings on the cutting boards will make them remember your company every time they use it. You can find different kinds of these boards in unique shapes and sizes. There are different handle types too!

Office Necessities

1. Calendars

The best way to stay organized is to keep track of important days at work. While you can have digital calendars on your smartphone, physical calendars make a good desk design.

Company-branded calendars are the best gifts to keep your company on top of your client’s minds. They will never find anything like a calendar with a unique design in any store. Just make sure that your corporate calendar has a great design on it. You can look online at how to create a branded calendar that also helps your marketing campaign.

2. Engraved Pens and Notebooks

Let’s be honest, who would want to receive pens and notebooks as gifts? No one.

But we know who would love a fountain pen with their name engraved on it. Engraved pens are professional and flexible, and they make excellent corporate gifts. Just imagine using one of these when signing contracts and important documents. It makes anyone feel elegant and has an air of authority.

Partnering this pen with a custom-made notebook will surely keep their ideas flowing at work. These items are the perfect choice to give during promotions and work anniversaries.

3. Unique Desk Clocks

A desk clock is a great addition to anyone’s desk. It adds class and avoids having to check your phone to know what time it is. It’s one of the most popular personalized corporate gifts since it highlights the importance of the workplace.

You can give desk clocks made out of hardwood. It warms up the desk area and makes it more appealing. There are also desk clocks that also function as pen holders. This desk set 

shows your staff that you care about their well-being while at work.

Edible Gifts

1. Food Basket

Themed gift baskets are popular because they give a memorable experience. And that is what corporate gifts are all about, right?

Your client or coworker is likely to have never received a business gift basket like this before. They will surely adore the thought of sharing it with their family and friends. You can give your clients a taco night holiday gift box to express your gratitude uniquely and creatively.

What a great way to elevate the standard meat-and-cheese gift basket!

You can also put together different kinds of gourmet foods. This gives the recipient an endless number of options to choose from. 

You can make a fruit gift basket for your employee with an assortment of fruits and snacks. Or you can have a tower of sweets put together in a box with a heartwarming message. This basket is an ideal get-well present or a thank-you gift for your best clients.

2. Personalized Wine Bottles

Did you know you can simply alter the label on a wine bottle? Customized corporate wine gifts are the best way to get your clients to remember you. You can order custom-made wine bottles that have your company’s logo or a personalized message on them.

Final Thoughts

The world of incentive and corporate gifting is full of exciting possibilities. It is a great chance to show what your business stands for and to prove that it is a worthwhile brand to stand behind. 

Hopefully, you will have some great ideas tucked away in the back of your mind. Whatever the case, there are plenty of examples of how to do it right out there; all you have to do is decide what works best for you. 


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