10 Reasons to start Training BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu)

The next time you are seated on the Jiu-Jitsu mats, with your back against the wall surface after few rounds of sparring as well as chatting with some random guy from your gym, I’d like you to ask the guy next to you this question. ” What, actually, made you choose to start training BJJ?”.

That’s exactly the question I always enjoyed asking new students coming to our BJJ gym this question. A lot of times I was stunned by their answers.  Most of the time their reasons were different from student to student, but in a long conversation, they would all come to the same main reasons that I’m going to tell you today. ㅤ

Main Reasons To Start BJJ Training

Self Defense

This is without a doubt the most popular reason offered by people training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Townsville. Lots of people have really felt the unpredictability of just what would they carry out on the occasion of a physical experience in the street? You might add the bullying trouble for youngsters as well as ladies’ problems for their individual safety and security under this reason. At one point the new pupil made a decision to do something concerning their worries and start training BJJ.

Physical and fitness activity

People are usually bored of lifting weights and the monotony of riding on a stationary bike. By choosing a martial art they tend to feel healthy and have physical exercising that Jiu-Jitsu offers through its training.

The Wish of Being a Fighter

Maybe they became captivated by the battle scenes in action movies (the number of young men enrolled in kung-fu or karate lessons after watching Bruce Lee ?!) or were always interested in self-control as well as the respect of the traditional fighting styles. Feeling tough and fearless is a very strong feeling, and by training in Jiu-jitsu, that’s exactly the feeling BJJ practitioner will have.

Getting in shape and Shredding the Body Fat

When I talked to a guy who was actually a world champion in BJJ he told me he was a chubby teenager. The reason why he started training was that he hoped BJJ would help him lose weight, gain mass, start to live a healthy lifestyle. Well, he absolutely did that. Not just that he changed his look and lifestyle, he also became a BJJ Coach and made living out of it.

Resolving Addiction Problems

Some people I talked to were trying to resolve some addiction problems. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or any other addiction may be hard to abandon, but If you focus your thoughts on something else like Jiu-Jitsu that is usually addictive but healthy, you may find yourself having only one addiction and that’s BJJ. The only difference is that being addicted to BJJ brings a lot of positive things with it. Much more than negative ones.

Mixed Martial Arts Fan.

A number of UFC followers started for more information about the technological elements of Mixed Martial Arts fights and also really felt the urge to attempt a little grappling themselves. As they learned more about BJJ and ground fighting, they created a brand-new appreciation for the submissions facet of seeing MMA. Not every individual is going to enjoy complete Mixed Martial Arts training, but as BJJ plays a huge role in MMA people tend to train in it.

Stress and Tension Relief

I spoke to a college professor of business economics who shared that, despite his hectic schedule, he NEEDS to educate himself or even less to experience the effects of tension. “I HAVE to do it or I’m starting to be much less effective.” I jokingly said that my co-workers “got smarter” after Jiu-Jitsu and I actually relieved my stress in rolling.

Friend Is Training Too

A lot of times the main reasoning people have is that their friend started training and he just couldn’t stop talking about Jiu-jitsu. After listening to so many hymns about one martial art, they decided to try it for themselves


Everyone harbors personal fears in life. Some really feel severe social stress and anxiety. Others feel insecure when taking care of confrontation. Fighting style as a whole is a time-tested method of building confidence and assisting individuals to interact in a healthier fashion with others.

It Looks Great On Videos

I have actually fulfilled a number of really intriguing individuals that were successful in various other locations of life. These high-energy, enthusiastic personalities are constantly curious about life and also taken pleasure in multiple hobbies. They like trying new, awesome activities and also after witnessing a Jiu-Jitsu demonstration stated “Oh! I have actually got to attempt that!”

In Conclusion

Whatever reason you have to start training BJJ be sure you won’t regret it. In BJJ they always say that coming to BJJ gym is not just coming to training but joining the family.