You and your surgeons will talk to you about what to expect after liposuction. But there are some misconceptions. Liposuction, like all surgical procedures, takes time to heal. These are the ten main things you should expect following liposuction.

Expect some swelling. Your immediate results will not reflect your final results.

Some swelling will occur immediately following liposuction. This is normal. Liposuction results can be difficult to see in the mirror. Don’t worry if you don’t see the result you want. Additionally to swelling, there is likely to be some tumescent gel left in the area after the procedure. If your results look good immediately, you can expect them to improve over time. We expect the best results to occur within 3 months. At that time, we’ll send you back to take “after” photos.

A driver will be needed to take you home

We will provide you with oral sedatives to assist you in relaxing during the procedure. It is normal to feel groggy afterwards. If you are having liposuction surgery, you will not be allowed to drive your vehicle home. It is best to have someone with you who can transport you. Orlando liposuction will not allow patients ride cabs and ride-sharing companies like Uber or Lyft. You must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We can help locate qualified medical transport services if this isn’t possible.

You might need to leave work

Liposuction can be considered surgery. There will be some exceptions but generally you’ll need 48 hours off from work. You will likely feel tired and groggy. Liposuction shouldn’t be scheduled alongside a huge work project.

You might experience some pain

Everybody’s body and pain tolerance is different. Some people won’t feel any pain, while others do. It is important for patients to realize that any pain or discomfort that occurs after liposuction procedures is normal. Every liposuction client receives a prescription for pain medicine that they can fill after their procedure. This allows you to quickly get pain relief if you require it.

There’ll be drainage

No matter what type you have, you’ll have incisions. The site will also need drainage. That is why you may not be able to return to work. You will be provided with the appropriate gauze, medical tape, and you will need to change them out every day for the next couple days. The incisions should heal by themselves without the need for stitches. However, there may be instances where stitches are required.

It might take several weeks to recover completely.

Do not expect to go back to work in just a few days. You may not see it but your body is still healing. For the next few days, you’ll only be able to do low-impact exercise. Your surgeon will let your know when you are allowed to resume your usual activities. The two-week mark is a guideline. However, older patients may need more. Keep your doctor informed.

Your skin may slowly retract

Liposuction can remove fat and make skin looser. As you age, loose skin will naturally fall off (just ask any woman who went through pregnancy). The results you get from liposuction and a skin-tightening therapy such as a laser/RF treatment won’t be immediately. These treatments promote the production of collagen, which makes your skin more elastic. It takes approximately three months for the final results. For information, please visit our website Orlandoliposuction.com.


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