10 Tips for a Stress-Free Move


Moving is a stressful time for many people. There are so many things to do, and you might feel like you’ll never get it all done before the big day! But there’s no need to worry – here are some tips on how to make your move as efficient and organized as possible. This will save you time, money, and energy in the long-run. Let’s get started!

10 easy tips on how to make your move as efficient and organized as possible!

1. Get organized!

Make checklists for everything you need to do, and group similar tasks together. For example, if you’re packing clothes, pack all the summer clothes first, then winter clothes next, then any other clothing together last. This way you can tick off items on your checklist as you go through them in an orderly fashion. You can also assign colors to each room so that everything stays in the right rooms. Chris Blenkiron and Geneviève Landry from RE/MAX Hallmark Excellence Team Realty Inc. put together a very easy and effective Organized Moving System for free. Check it out.

2. Start moving out at least three weeks ahead of time.

The more time between when you start moving and the big day, the less stressed you’ll be! If possible, try to schedule movers or van rentals during this time so that there’s plenty of notice before the actual move-out date about when they will arrive at your house/apartment etc..

3. If you have pets, start training them ahead of time to go into their carriers for car rides .

Pets not acclimatized to car travel may urinate in fear during long trips, which will leave the stench in your new vehicle if it’s not cleaned out immediately. This causes extra stress you and your family don’t need during a move.

4. Make all your appointments early.

Make all appointments that are related to the move at least two weeks in advance so you don’t forget about them and come home to a broken appliance or no water/gas/electricity etc.. If possible, schedule moving trucks or movers during this time too to avoid having to rush and possibly forgetting things!

5. Don’t forget your keys on moving day!

You won’t be able to get into your new home, and will waste time having to call a locksmith or wait for them to arrive. This can cost you money, so make sure you take all of your keys the night before you move out.

6. Disassemble large furniture that is difficult or impossible to maneuver around corners, stairs etc..

If possible leave it in the room with little traffic until right before movers show up. They may not be willing to re-assemble your bed/shoe rack/sofa etc.. if they’re already in a hurry. Making this easier for them could save you some money on the moving bill.

7. Label everything.

Put labels on boxes and furniture with permanent markers to avoid confusion down the road. Also, if your movers notice that you’ve labeled things well they may feel inclined to unpack for you – which is a nice touch!

8. Put together any small furniture such as chairs, tables etc..

Make sure to put this in the room where it will be used so it’s ready when movers get there! This may seem like it will take up extra time but having to do this after your furniture arrives is not fun.

9. Keep any valuables/irreplaceable items close to you.

You don’t want to misplace something valuable during the move, so keep them with you just in case!

10. RELAX!!!!

Relax! You’ll have plenty of time to unpack, take time off from work if necessary, and take a mini-vacation if you’ve got the extra cash. Unloading your car may seem like a hassle but it’s only temporary. In the long run, these 10 tips will save you time, money and energy so you can focus on the adventures that await you in your new home!


Moving is a difficult process for anyone, but you can make it as stress-free as possible by following these simple tips. You don’t want anything slowing down the moving process or costing more money than necessary. The less you have with you during the move means less work for yourself and those helping out. We hope  you found this article useful and we wish you the best with your move!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. If you’ve got questions or additional information that needs sharing, don’t be shy! Please post in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.


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