We all are aware of the fact that COVID-19 has isolated everyone in their homes. The only entertainment people are left with is an internet connection. The Internet is not only needed for entertainment, but it has also almost become a necessity. People are working from homes to earn money. Everyone is getting contacted with each other from different Apps. For all these activities, one needs a super-strong connection to the Internet without any disturbance. We know how frustrating it gets when the browsing gets slower due to low Wi-Fi signals, or you can not chit-chat with your relatives. It even gets worse when you are not able to connect for your office meetings. All these situations give one an annoying feeling. You end up in a pretty horrible mood.

To reduce some of your problems we have come up with some tricks and tips. Yes! You read it right. There are some tricks and tips that can troubleshoot some of your network issues.

11 Effective Router Tricks that will shoot up Your Wi-Fi Router’s Speed

1. Check Your Wired Internet Connection

This is something that people are not really aware of. People start blaming their Wi-Fi before checking if the Internet running in their home is performing as it should. Get an Ethernet Cable so that you can connect your computer or laptop straight with your modem. To check your internet speed, run a speed test. Check on your internet bill the speed of the Internet. If your rate doesn’t match that speed, then you need to calm your ISP or change the modem with a new one. And if it matches the pace, but it’s slow, then come up with a better plan.

2. Change your router’s place

If you have placed your router in the closet, then know that it will definitely give you a very low or lousy speed. Why is that? Everything coming in between the Wi-Fi signals dampens your connection. Trust us, walls, bookshelves, cupboards, etc., everything destroys your signals. If you move your router physically from its place to another place, you will see a big difference in its speed. You can choose a perfect spot according to your home. Whichever position you decide to pick, don’t hide your router somewhere in the corner, under your cupboard, inside your closet, or drawers. Pick a place that is central and very prominent. Get a perfect and convenient cable to set your router in the best place. Your main aim should be that all your consoles, laptops, and the computer must be as close as possible. Devices like thermostats don’t need a lot of bandwidth, so don’t prioritize the physical distance. If the surface of the place is not flat where you have placed your router, then mount your router on the wall. Also, make sure that your router is away from that device that transmits electromagnetic waves like wireless keyboards, baby monitors, micro ovens, etc.

3. Use an Ethernet Cables

Yes! Use Ethernet Cables. Wi-Fi has forgotten us that Ethernet Cables also exist, and these cables are much better than Wi-Fi. These cables are pretty faster, stable and the best part no device can dampen your signals. The only con it gives you is that it limits you in one place. But it’s the best option for devices that asks for the fastest internet signals, like a streaming box or gaming console. Your router has plenty of Ethernet cable ports, so all you need to do is find the best Ethernet cable for your router. Yes, Ethernet cables get a bit messy due to all the wirings, but that’s not a very big issue. Search out some amazing wiring management hacks and get this issue sorted.

4. Change the channel

Wi-Fi’s signals are divided into multiple channels. Your router uses a specific channel to connect with the devices in your home. If your neighbors are also using that particular signal, then your signals get congested. Due to this disturbance, you should try switching to a different channel that could solve your issue. Now, remember that every router deals with this issue differently. Check your router’s documentation or search online for the instructions for this issue. You can also find the information regarding this on your router’s settings. 1, 6, and 11 are the channels that you should go for. These are the channels that give you minor interference when there are many devices in your surroundings.

5. Upgrade your router

There are many types of routers available in the market. All of them differ from each other regarding their functionality and prices. In this case, you need to pay heed, considering how far your Wi-Fi can broadcast. If you live in a huge house, then get a router that can pair with repeaters and can send signals to the far ends of your home. Places that are smaller in size can be okay with simpler systems.

6. Buy a Wi-Fi extender

If you are afraid of getting into your routers’ settings, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender. They are straightforward to set up and are pretty easy to use. You need to make sure that you have positioned them in the right place as the signals of the extenders are not that strong. Connect those devices with extenders that don’t ask for a lot of bandwidth.

7. Use Electrical Wirings

Powerline kits are another option to go for. Many manufacturers take advantage of the fact that digital signals pass through the electrical wiring quickly. Powerline kits are designed for this cause.

8. Set a password in your Wi-Fi device

Why is it imperative to set a password on your Wi-Fi devices? Well, you need to set a password to keep all the unnecessary hackers away from your Wi-Fi. Sometimes you don’t even know that your neighbors are taking advantage of your Wi-Fi. They are Netflixing or surfing the Internet without letting you know. This badly slows down your speed. To prevent this from happening, you need to get AES encryption. This is the most secure and speed-friendly option.

9. Remove all the unused devices

Do you know that when there are several devices connected to your router, you have weak signals? So unplug all the unnecessary devices that don’t need the Internet. Only use those devices that you want to be connected to for the purpose of usage.

10. Check your PC

Sometimes what happens is that all your devices are working fine, but your PC or laptop has slow signals. To rectify this task, you need to open TaskManager and check out what programs are running in the background. Some programs are set on the auto-update. If they are constantly updating in the background, then your internet signals can get weakened. Adjust the settings accordingly.

11. Replace the Antenna

Most routers have internet Antennas; if you add external Antennas too, you will get more robust signals. Many router manufacturers sell out antennas separately for this cause.


A good router with a full-speed brings a massive change into your life. In times like these, it’s like solving half of your life’s tensions. All the hacks mentioned above are efficient and won’t even cost a penny. Try out all of these hacks and see which one works out for you.


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