13 Things To Avoid Putting in Your Dishwashers

When dishwashers first appeared in households in the 1950s, they were a blessing. Finally! It is a quick and easy way to get rid of a lot of dishes. They aren’t a panacea; they are dishwashers, but some items may need to be washed by hand.

Here’s what the cleaning pros want you to keep far away from the rinse cycle: When it comes to the dishwasher, there are still some items you need to avoid putting them.

Before putting any item in your dishwasher, please check if they are dishwasher safe or not to avoid any hassle. This article will describe the top thirteen items you should not put in your dishwasher at any cost.

Cast Iron Skillet

Do you know how you have to season your skillet before using it? You’re effectively undoing all that hard work by putting it in the dishwasher. Instead, rinse it in warm water (no soap!) or rub it clean with salt.

Any Wooden Utensils

Many people put their wood utensils into their dishwasher very frequently. But hot water and heat are too harsh for wooden tools like spatulas and mixing spoons. The material may warp and lose its shape — making them no good for stirring.

Your Wooden Cutting Boards

Like the wooden spoons, hot water will cause the finish of your favorite wooden board to dull and possibly warp. Instead, use a 3/4 cup chlorine bleach mixture and 1 gallon of water to scrub it clean.

Vintage Utensils

Be careful if you received the family china as a gift when you get married. Many vintage items are present in your home that are very old, and obviously, they are not dishwasher safe like modern utensils.

After putting them into the dishwasher, you may lose their colors or design elements. You may even damage or lose the old vintage charm of your items.

Your Garlic Press

These will speed up your supper, but you’ll have to slow down to clean them. Because garlic paste is sticky, some bits can get stuck in crevices. To make sure your next meal prep session goes smoothly, wash your garlic by hand.

Cookware with Burnt-On Stains

You let the potatoes bake in the oven for too long, and the potato crust is now stubborn on the glass baking dish since it’ll take some serious elbow grease to tackle it (plus some baking soda!

The dishwasher will not do the trick. Get ready to get started. Some modern dishwashers come with intensive cleaning programs, but still, they are unable to clean the burnt stains completely.

Insulated Mug

Some newer travel mugs are dishwasher safe, but for others, your dishwasher will destroy the insulation. It is best to check whether your insulated mugs are dishwasher safe or not. It is better to avoid putting these types of utensils in your dishwasher that has insulation with colors.

Bottles with Labels Still on Them

Keep your jam jar safe by removing the adhesive remnants and paper labels. These materials can stick to the filter and cause more problems than you think. Further, they can also block the filters and completely stop your dishwasher.

Any Aluminum Cookware

Experts say that aluminum cookware will discolor. The disposable stuff is also covered. It is also observed that aluminum is leaving its elements when washed for a long time. So it is best to avoid putting any aluminum utensils in your dishwasher.

Your Cheese Grater

Even after washing it in the dishwasher, some cheesy goodness you sprinkled on your tacos may remain in the holes. Use soap and a sponge to wash it manually. It will ensure that today’s cheddar doesn’t mix with tomorrow’s mozzarella.

Fancy Chef Knives

Forte advises that You should keep knives away from the dishwasher’s hard plastic. If your dishwasher has a knife rack, that’s a good thing. Lucky duck!

Copper Pots, Pans, and Mugs

You will love a delicious Moscow Mule in a copper cup, and that beautiful color is half the attraction. Many people say that the dishwasher’s harshness can make copper surfaces dull. Instead, hand washes copper pots and pans.

Your Crystal Items

Keep your glasses and punch bowl away from high-temperature water. High temperatures can cause the crystal to chip, crack, or become dull. You can verify with the manufacturer that some crystal is safe to be washed. It’s important to ensure that it is securely anchored so it doesn’t rattle or break.





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