14 Piano Lessons Every Beginner Must Learn First  

To be a piano pro, there are beginner lessons that you should learn first. You have to know about warming up, hand positioning, sight-reading, and fingering among others. For beginner pianists, here are 14 lessons that they must learn first.

1. Posture and siting

How you seat, and your overall posture determines how easily you can learn to play the piano. There are some comfortable ways that piano learners can master, and this also helps them to avoid injury. Generally, you have to stay upright because failure to do so could make your back develop some pain.

2. Piano fingering for starters

Unless you take high-quality piano lessons, it will take magic for you to know where to position your fingers. If you don’t master this at the basic level, your desire to progress with your piano lessons and reach advanced levels will all be in vain.

3. Strengthening your left hand

Natural, the left hand is weaker, and it would be better for every pianist if all the hands would have equal strength.

4. Leaps and large intervals

This teaches how best you can handle those tricky jumps in your piece.

5. Keyboard geography

When you are in the middle of learning a piece, having peripheral vision helps a lot. However, you can only get to know about this when you have an experienced instructor who can help you.  These professionals help to make it easier for you to learn this.

6. Warm-up exercises

This might sound simple, but if not done, or if not done at all, this may affect your piano lesson negatively. Playing the piano can be compared to going to the gym, and you are always told not to commence training after you have completed the basic warm-ups.

7. Piano sound and tone

Some secrets are behind the beautiful piano tones and the amazing sounds that you mostly listen to out there. With the best instructors, you can learn them with little effort.

8. Hand and finger relationship

There are times when your fingers will play varied melodies and harmonies at the same time. This can be challenging at times, but with the right lessons from an experienced piano expert, you can turn the tables around.  With the best piano lessons, you can learn about how to combine the two seamlessly and produce the best melodies.

9. Fingering for arpeggios and scales

Fingering for scales and arpeggios can only be mastered after someone teaches you, or if you try to learn and master the concept online.

10. Sight-reading

This is an enviable skill that every piano player would love to master. You can learn this in the basic piano classes.

11. Practicing a piece

Want to know how to start practicing a piece perfectly? This is among the basic things that you learn in a piano foundation class. Where will you start-the end, middle, or at the start?

12. Aural training

Aural training is about identifying tones, pitches, and chords, among others.

13. Chord voicing

This is about maintaining the balance of all the notes that are in the chord.

14. Hand position and shape

How should you position your hand, and what shape should it take? With the best trainers out there, whether online or while attending face-to-face classes, there are practical ways that have been proven to work better and deliver better learning. Also, there are better habits that you will need to avoid.


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