20 things to do BEFORE selling your house

Are you preparing to sell your house? If you are then there are a ton of things you must do, 20 actually before your house will be ready for sale. In today’s blog post, I’ll be telling you 20 things to do before selling your house.

Some people believe that all that’s required to sell a house is to plant a sign on the front lawn that indicates that the property is for sale. Those who want to utilize the power of the Internet, will take pictures of the house and post them online. If you want to follow such crude means to sell your house, two things will be involved. You’ll either end up selling your house at an incredibly low price or you might not even sell the house at all. Why is it so? I’m sure you wondered that. The reason is that there are certain things you should have done to the house before putting it up for sale that’s why in this guide, I’ll be telling you about the 20 things you should do before selling your house. 

  • Have your property evaluated

After deciding to sell your house, the next thing to do is to evaluate the house. There are two ways you can go about getting your property’s evaluation. You can either hire the services of agencies or advisors that carry out property evaluation or you can do it yourself by searching through online property listing to better understand the “per sq ft” rate in your area. Depending on the property type, you can also go ahead to calculate the depreciation of the property.

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  • Notify the housing society

This step is important for people living in gated communities. If you reside in a gated community, you’ll have to notify the governing body or your housing society to obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC). The NOC document is needed because your buyer will require this document before purchasing the property. Additionally, a NOC is required to transfer all the amenities the buyer after the purchase.

  • Retrieve all the necessary documents 

Asides from the NOC certificate that’s required of people living in gated communities, before you’ll be able to sell your house, other documents will be needed for the transaction to be successful. These documents include:

  • The letter of allotment.
  • Sanctioned plan.
  • Encumbrance certificate. 
  • Sale agreement. 
  • Previous sale deed.
  • Prepare a storage unit

Now you should prepare a storage unit to store your belongings. Why should I do this? Can’t I leave things the way they way they are until I have gotten a buyer? You’ll have to do this because most buyers like it when the house looks spacious,  that allows them to picture their properties in the building. Additionally, having a storage unit prepares you for the depersonalization stage. All the personal stuff you remove from the house then will be kept here.

  • Search for a good real estate agent

Now you have gotten all the required documents, the next step to take would be to search for a good real estate agent. A lot of people want to avoid this step because they believe they can conduct the whole transaction on their own and they don’t want to pay the agent’s commission. Is that really a wise step to take? The answer is No. The reason is simple, over time it has been discovered that most of the sales made by the owner usually turn out to be a disaster resulting in the seller wasting time and also losing money. Rather than taking on such a risk just because you want to avoid the agents’ commission, the better option would be to hire the services of a great real estate agent.

  • Work on your curb appeal

Working on your curb should be a must if you intend to sell your house. The reason why you should do that isn’t difficult to guess. People like beautiful things (things that are appealing to the eyes). The moment your house looks ugly or untidy from the outside, it’ll be difficult to attract potential buyers regardless of how beautiful the inside is.

That’s why you’ll have to work on your house and some of the things you can do while you are at it include planting beautiful flowers around the house, doing all the easy fixes and you can also repaint the house and the front door. If you don’t know the things to do to improve your curb appeal then you can ask your real estate agent to tell you areas you should work on to improve your curb appeal.

  • Unclutter the living areas

Is decluttering (also known as uncluttering) important? Yes! It is. Here’s why: have you ever heard of the saying “less is more”? If you haven’t, the phrase simply means that having a few important things is better than having too many things you don’t need. Well, in this case, uncluttering has to do with removing unnecessary and unwanted things from the house before it’ll be ready for sale. For example, you can start by sweeping the counters and other visible areas of the house, cleaning the tables, etc. You can also take out all the things you no longer need and donate them.

  • Depersonalize the house

One thing some sellers fail to know is that if the house contains too much of your property, it makes it difficult for buyers to be able to picture themselves in the building because it’s already filled with your property. Have you ever walked into an empty building and you are like “that’s where I’ll put the chair”? That’s exactly why you need to depersonalize the house so that the buyers will be able to picture themselves in the building.

  • Repaint the walls

When repainting the house, you can’t just paint it with your favourite colour except its a neutral colour because it could chase potential customers. Painting the house with a neutral colour places you in a safe spot because you won’t have to worry about losing a potential buyer due to the colour of the house.

  • Retouch all scuff marks

This step is needed for people who may not be able to do a full house painting. In this case, while painting specific areas of the house, pay attention to areas that could be prone to scuff marks like the walls, doors, baseboards, etc.

  • Repair all loose handles

Selling a house is tricky, selling a faulty house is even more difficult. Nobody wants to spend money on purchasing a house and also spend more money on repairing the house. If you want to entice people into buying your house, then you can start by repairing all loose handles.

  • Plants are necessary 

Plants have a way of making your house look more beautiful, that’s why adding plants to a building is also a factor that is considered when people want to improve the appeal of their house. You can do this by placing a bouquet on the dining table as well as in the kitchen.

  • Carry out a smell test

Does your house smell funny? If it does, then you might find it difficult to sell it if you don’t do something about it. To determine if your house truly emits a foul odour, you will have to invite a third party who is not biased in judgement to tell you whether or not they could detect any smell (this includes pet smell, odour from the kitchen or toilet, etc.). If after the test you find out that your house smells funny then you’ll have to perform deep cleaning and use good air fresheners.

  • Clean the house

I know you are probably wondering didn’t I do that already when I was uncluttering? Well, you’ll have to clean again if you want your house to look appealing to all your potential buyers. If it bothers you what your buyers will think about your house then ensuring it looks clean always is a good way to feel better about the house you are about to sell. Additionally, buyers like to see the same thing they saw in your advert when they want to purchase the house.

  • Safeguard all valuables

You may not be lucky enough to sell your house to the first person who comes to check out the house. This means that you might have two or more potential buyers before you’ll be finally able to sell the house, in that case, it’s wiser to keep all your valuables away from sight so you don’t have to lose money in an attempt to sell your house because not everyone can be trusted.

  • Think about staging your house 

Staging simply has to do with preparing your house for sale in a real estate marketplace. In staging, we try as much as we can to make the house appealing to a high number of potential buyers. How can I achieve this? You can do it yourself by placing things in the house that’ll make your home look more appealing. Additionally, if you find that stressful, you can hire the services of home stagers. 

  • Use professional photography to showcase your house

This is an important step you shouldn’t miss. Doing all the above tips without using a professional pictures (a picture with high quality) when listing your house will lead to your house being in the market for long. To avoid this, use professional high-quality pictures when listing your house. If you can’t do that on your own then you can hire the services of expert photographers. 

  • Illuminate your house

At this point, your house should be up for sale on any marketplace of your choice. If you don’t have one, then you could visit my recommendation “biownr”. Illuminating your house helps during viewings. Once your house looks brighter, buyers will be able to better picture themselves living in such a house. This simply means that a brighter house is more appealing to buyers than a darker one.

  • Plan your listing

You may or may not have noticed it but houses sell more in certain seasons. For example, in some areas houses sell more in the summertime and for others, it sells better in spring. So before putting up your house for sale, if you are not in a hurry it’s better to research your region to find out when houses sell more and plan towards listing your house then.

  • Exercise patience

After doing all the above tips and your house is now listed on a marketplace where buyers can see your house online. It’s time for you to exercise patience because it’s not common to sell off your house immediately after you put it up for sale. If you tips within this guide, then you shouldn’t have trouble selling off your house.

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