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Open culture’ is the process of incorporating media of all kinds into your educational activities. It can be anything from the Internet, to books, to interviews, to projects that create the future. It can also include teaching at the K-12 level.

Projects create the future

Those looking to make a splash on the local scene might be interested in the nip and tuck of the borough’s local arts organization, Staten Island Arts. In the past two years, the organization has partnered with Design Trust for Public Space to enlist the public’s help in enhancing the cultural and economic well-being of Staten Island. The aforementioned entity recently issued an RFQ for two pilot projects that demonstrate the arts aplenty.

The aforementioned RFQ is aimed at two specific objectives: a) generating interest in the arts as a driver for economic growth; and b) testing a set of recommendations gleaned from the Future Culture pilot project, an initiative designed to improve the local livability of Staten Island. The aforementioned projects will also be measured for other metrics such as cost, schedule, and quality of execution.

The aforementioned RFQ also piqued the interest of a number of organizations that have not traditionally had a formal arts & culture component to their repertoire. These include nonprofit organizations, private equity firms, and large corporations.

Resources for teaching at the K-12 level

Educators and students can explore free resources for teaching at the K-12 level through Open Culture. This nonprofit organization curates a wide range of high-quality courses, movies, apps, and ebooks. They also provide free audiobooks and paid certificates.

Open Culture’s K-12 education section contains more than 5,000 free courses. It also offers free audiobooks and textbooks. The site also has video tutorials and lectures from leading academics.

Another OER site is the Open Video Project. This collection of online videos is curated by researchers. It also features a high-resolution library of three million images.

The National Archives has an extensive list of primary source documents and links to thousands of maps, charts, and images. They also have information on school tours and professional development. They also provide a searchable collection of OER resources.

Common Sense Media provides free, unbiased information on technology, media, and health. They also review apps and games and offer tips for using these tools.


Having an open culture interview is important if you want to find self-authoring employees. It can be beneficial to hire people who are self-motivated and willing to make their own decisions, rather than those who are rigidly structured. The interview process can also help your organization save money. If your organization is not using an open culture, you may be able to find ways to adapt your interview process to meet your needs.

For example, if you are looking for a job at a company that focuses on open source software, you may want to look for a company that values openness and flexibility in its interview process. This means that you should do your research, understand their values, and be able to demonstrate your results. A company may also require you to do a project that will be a part of your interview. This may involve completing a task that is required by the company, such as creating educational apps.

Movies pertaining to culture and education

Whether you’re watching a movie, reading a book or snooping around on the Internet, you’re bound to come across a couple of films that stand out. The best way to evaluate a film is to consider it in the context of its broader cultural and socioeconomic context. The best films are ones that reflect the state of mind of their creators, thereby enhancing the overall experience. If you’re trying to make a movie night happen, try incorporating movies that reflect your own cultural and socioeconomic values. For example, consider films that are a bit more sexy and funky than the usual Hollywood fare. For instance, you might be interested in films that showcase female empowerment, a topic that’s on most women’s minds these days.


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