3 Cool Tech Gadgets Every Teen Will Love






Are you looking for something that hard-to-please teen will love for their upcoming birthday? The best advice is to go tech all the way. What teen doesn’t want to have the latest gadgets to show off among their friends? Even better than that is the fact that your teen loves to game so there must be some kind of gadget out there that they don’t already have. You might try one of these cool gadgets guaranteed to be “the best gift ever!”

1. A Gaming Laptop

When it comes to electronics gadgets, you might want to start with a gaming laptop. Even the cheaper options on the market today will have fast processors and a graphics card with at least 6GB of RAM for play at 1080p. An IdeaPad Gaming 3i Intel is always a good choice. It’s something your teen will appreciate because they can take the game with them instead of being tied down to their room where their mighty Xbox now resides.

2. Customized Xbox Gaming Controller

Speaking of Xbox, why not get them a customized gaming controller? These can also be used with other devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac. Microsoft’s Xbox Lab Design allows your teen to customize colors and a laser engraving can also be added. It does take about a month to get one delivered to your door, so if you shop early, this is a gadget your teen will absolutely love.

3. Gaming Headset

There are several brands of gaming headsets out there, so it is just a matter of reading the reviews to find one best suited to your teen’s needs, and your budget of course. A good gaming headset is going to cost you at least $100 but they can run much higher than that. Some are listed at $300 to $400, so you also might want to look for a coupon or discount code.

One thing you may want to look for when shopping around is that the headset you choose has audiophile-level sound. This means that they can switch from music to movies to gaming without switching headsets. In fact, if you look at it that way, you are paying for three different headsets in one product, so the cost begins to make a little more sense.

Also, some of the better headsets also allow your teen to seamlessly switch from the game they are all into to that telephone call they also need to take. It’s their best friend looking to see which game they are in so they can join the action. An amazing bit of tech for today’s active gamer.

All Is Fair in Love and Warfare

You’ll need to pardon the pun, but what teen doesn’t love a good game of Warfare? Any of the above gadgets will make playing any of the currently trending Warfare games all the more fun and if they have a laptop with a good graphics card, they can take their war on the road! Today’s teen is steeped in tech, so if you want a gift that pleases, go tech all the way!

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