3 Cooling Solutions For Large Buildings






Summer temperatures can quickly become unbearable, especially in commercial or industrial buildings. Thankfully, there are a variety of cooling systems available to help keep your occupants comfortable. In this blog post, we will explore three different cooling systems and their respective benefits. Stay cool!

Cooling systems for residential, industrial, or commercial buildings

If you’re the owner of a commercial or industrial building, it’s important to make sure that your cooling system is up to par. They need to be efficient, cost-effective and bring comfortable temperature for the occupants of your building. Here are the most-sought cooling systems in today’s world.

District cooling system

District cooling is the process of supplying chilled water for air-conditioning and refrigeration from a central plant to multiple buildings in an area. The chilled water is pumped through a network of underground pipes to individual clients who use it to cool their buildings. District cooling systems are often more efficient than traditional air-conditioning systems, especially in hot climates. As cities become increasingly densely populated, district cooling is likely to play an important role in providing comfortable living conditions for residents.

Chilled water system with Cooling as a Service (CaaS) model

Cooling as a Service is a new model for delivering cooling solutions that can help building owners save money and improve efficiency. It also uses a chilled water system to deliver a comfortable temperature, but building owners do not need to purchase a cooling system and then contract with a third-party provider to maintain and operate it.

How is that possible with the CaaS provider?

With Cooling as a Service, building owners only pay for the cooling capacity that they use because the CaaS provider owns and operates the equipment for building owners. As a result, building owners only need to pay a fixed monthly rate or opt for a pay-as-you-use basis.

This model can provide a number of benefits, including lower upfront costs, reduced energy consumption, and improved uptime. In addition, cooling as a service can be tailored to the specific needs of each building, making it more flexible than the traditional model. As building owners continue to seek ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, cooling as a service is likely to become an increasingly popular option.

Centralised cooling system

A centralised cooling system is a cooling system that is installed on an individual building, usually on the rooftop, to provide cooling for the whole building. It typically consists of a central unit that houses the refrigeration equipment, and a series of ducts that distribute the cooled air throughout the space. Centralised cooling systems are often used in office buildings, factories, and other large commercial spaces. Centralised cooling systems offer several advantages over other types of cooling systems, including greater control over the temperature and humidity levels in the space.

Which cooling solution is the best for building owners?

In brief, it will depend on your needs. If you do not want the hassle of maintaining and operating a cooling system, then opting for Cooling as a Service is a better choice. If you want more control over the temperature and humidity levels in your space, then a centralised cooling system would be a better option. And if you have multiple buildings in the same district, then the district cooling system is worth looking at.

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