3 Fun Things to Do in Kennewick Washington

Kennewick is one of the most fun, beautiful, safe, and affordable cities in Washington that’s located along with Richland and Pasco, and definitely the popular city among tri-cities in Washington state.

But did you know the city has a semi-arid climate and known for the sun?

Because there are 300 days in a year when residents can enjoy all the outdoor activities due to an optimal temperature.

Another incredible element for tourists is, Kennewick is the heart of Washington Wine Country. The city over 200 wineries, which makes it an ideal location for people who want fun and entertainment around. There are also 27 parks and three golf courses which further makes the city a central hub of entertainment in Washington.

Have a look at some more things to do in Kennewick with your friends and family.

Have you ever visited Columbia Park? It’s full of fun

If you have ever visited Columbia Park, you must agree with the fact that the place is super fun to visit.
This City Park exists on the beautiful banks of the Columbia River. 400 acres location and surprisingly it comprises Columbia Park East in Kennewick as well as Columbia Park West in Richland.

All the locals love the destination due to its refreshing look and appeal. Undoubtedly, it’s the best place for a walk and jogging.

Love food? Try Monterosso’s Italian Restaurant:

If you love food, Kennewick is the best place to visit that has a lot of Italian, Chinese and Mexican restaurants ready to tantalize your taste buds.

Especially if you love Italian, do not miss Monterosso’s food. The restaurant is located across the street and serves mouthwatering dishes that are especially loved by tourists and travelers.

You can enjoy your food by dining in the 1947 Northern Pacific Pullman dining car that has been creatively restored so you can enjoy your meal in style.

Besides tasty Italian-inspired cuisines, you will also find a good wine list with Italian wine and a combination of local wines.

9-11 Memorial- Let’s refresh history:

Have you heard about the famous 9-11 Memorial?

If not yet, then do visit Kennewick. The city is located at the famous Southridge Sports and Events Complex.
9-11 memorial is basically a way to tribute the incident and tells the story of the sadistic New York incident. Therefore, local communities and businesses celebrate the day on September 11, 2011, so they can honor the anniversary of this incident.

The community created a memorial of a 30-foot, 6,000-pound steel column. People recovered it from the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. And among all the cities, Kennewick was the one that has an artifact from that incident- which makes it a great historical place for tourists as well.

Currently, there are many social workers, individuals, and Kennewick School Board members who are creating strategies to implement more positive changes in the city so that we can give our generation a successful and developed place that is free from racism, oppression, violence, and negativity.


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