3 Good Reasons to Fill Your Home With Flowers 






Everyone knows about how flowers and greenery are interior design staples – they’re cheap, they’re convenient, and you can never go wrong with plants! They go well with everything. But sometimes these reasons aren’t enough to convince someone to keep fresh flowers and plants around the house – maybe you want to keep things plain and simple, maybe you’re going for the minimalist vibe and don’t think you can make some space for a vase. 

Whatever the reason, we wouldn’t be ruling out flowers for home decor just yet. Did you know that there are more than just aesthetic benefits to adding flowers to your home? So not only will your place look great, but if you arrange fresh flowers in the empty vases you’ll get other benefits too. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Flowers Keep the Air Fresh 

The good thing about plants is that they can clear toxins from the air, especially if you’re talking about places that don’t have a lot of air flow. This means that there are flowers out there that will help make your home a healthier place to live, so let’s look at some of them How to plant Monstera Standleyana.


These little flowers are ranked the best air cleaning plants according to Healthline and can help remove chemicals like formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and ammonia from the air. All these chemicals can find their way into the air through cleaning supplies, carpets, ovens, and other things you might find around the house. You never really know. 


Bamboo Palms 

These might not be flowers, but when you have a plant that fits so well with a tropical theme, it’s hard to say no. These plants are great at keeping the room humid, and they suck out a whole bunch of toxins like formaldehyde, chloroform, and carbon monoxide from the air. 

Peace Lilies 

These beautiful flowers are also among the plants that will help purify the air in your bedroom or living room. Maybe this fact coupled with how elegant they are will have you second-guessing your decision not to have any plants in your home? 

They Improve Your Mood 

Flowers have been known to improve your mood when added to home decor. Take geraniums for instance – they’re cheerful and unique, and they smell great. In fact, these flowers are known to reduce stress because of their awesome smell. The same can be said about roses – there’s just something about the way they make you feel. 

Flowers still have the same effect if you place colorful, cheerful, and bright blooms around the house. If you’re sitting in a pretty place, surrounded by flowers, you’re bound to feel better.


They Help Cheer You Up 

According to a study done in 2009, placing flowers in the hospital rooms of patients cheered them up to the point that they healed better than patients who didn’t have any flowers in their rooms. At the same time, flowers like lavender have calming scents that help you sleep better. 

Seriously, there are essential oils made out of so many different flowers that bank on these same benefits – it’s not unfair to think that it will be good for you to have some flowers around the house either. 

And here’s the thing – flower plants aren’t expensive, and neither are flowers if you’re buying them from the local farmer’s market when they’re in season. No one’s asking you to place them in expensive vases – you can just place a few in a glass jar on your bedside table. Given everything you stand to gain, isn’t it worth a shot to see if you like them or not? 

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