3 Modern Roofs That are Inspiring Home Designers

Modern home styles and architecture trends have never been more popular. 

There’s a desire for the clean lines and sleek stylings of modern residential architecture, and this extends to roof design as well. Modern roofs mirror home design trends by focusing on simplicity and attractive forms. 

If you’re looking for home design inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of three of the most popular modern roof styles, and we look at some of the design and roofing materials employed. 

So let’s take a look at what’s making waves in the world of modern roofing trends.

1. The Flat Roof

One of the most characteristic features of modern residential architecture—indeed modern architecture of any kind—is an insistence on flat, unadorned roofs. 

This is a distinct contrast to the pitched and sloping roofs of yesteryear. But it accords well with the modernist design principles that have achieved such popularity. 

Another important characteristic of these roofs is that they can provide excellent shade in the hot summer months through the creative use of overhangs.

A modern flat roof has other benefits as well. Through the efforts of a good roofing contractor, they can be turned into exciting architectural features in their own right, such as rooftop gardens, or generate energy with solar panel emplacements. 

2. Shed Roofs

Now, a shed roof is a great way to lend a dash of modernist aesthetic to your home. 

First, a shed roof produces a clean line that dovetails nicely with modern home design. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to eliminate dusty attic space and admit plenty of light. This is particularly helpful in colder climes when you’d like to cut down on heating bills. 

A shed roof gives your home the advantage of having higher ceilings, along with clerestory windows. Aside from more light, this also provides a roomier, less claustrophobic feel. 

3. Gable Roof

Yes, even modern residential architecture can employ pitched, gable roofs. 

So even if you want a modern aesthetic, you don’t have to limit yourself to flat or shed roofs. The classic gable roof can fit into the repertoire of modern roofs for any house design. 

Again, like most modern designs, the modern gable roof will be simple and efficient. It adds more space to a home by creating room for a loft or an attic. 

Most modern gable roof frames will use prefabricated trusses, or a ridge beam and rafters. Shedding rainwater is no problem with a gable roof since water is funneled down and stored in water butts and some to downspouts.

Get Inspired With These Modern Roofs

Modern roofs come in many different shapes and sizes. What they share is a commitment to clean and simple lines, and an eschewal of the baroque stylings of years past. 

We hope these design ideas help inspire you in your modern home project. And while you’re here, please check out the rest of our site. 


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