3 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas for Entertaining Guests






It’s been a long year . . . or two.

Many of us are finally socializing again, often choosing to do so outside. As summer begins to close, leading us into the glorious fall and winter months, it’s the perfect time to gather with loved ones outdoors. So, why not make the experience even more memorable by adding a fire pit to the equation?

The following outdoor fire pit ideas are a surefire way to up the entertainment factor at your house, making it a go-to destination for every weekend, birthday, or holiday. Let’s get started!

1. Have a Fire Pit Dinner

Who needs a grill when you’ve got a fire pit?

Fire pit dinners are a fun and low-key way to host a group of people without feeling overwhelmed. All you have to do is set up the scene and your guests take care of the rest. Make sure you have the essentials, such as:

  • Gas or propane (you can even order delivery from sites like www.kauffmangas.com if you’re in a bind)
  • Paper plates, napkins, and cutlery
  • All the traditional condiments—mustard, ketchup, relish—and maybe some untraditional ones, too—caramelized onions, pickled chiles, whole-grain mustard
  • Hot dogs and hamburger buns
  • Simple side items, such as baked beans, potato or macaroni salad, deviled eggs, chips, watermelon
  • Roasting sticks or campfire forks 

Then, your guests can make their dogs how they like them and when they want them. You just have to light the fire and enjoy the company! 

2. Finish It up With Dessert

You didn’t think you’d get away with serving only hot dogs, right?

Finish the evening with something sweet. In this case, you’ve got to serve up the fireside classic—a good old-fashioned S’more’s. Thankfully, this dessert is as low-key as dinner is, requiring that you gather the ingredients and not much else.

You’ll need:

  • Jumbo marshmallows
  • Graham crackers
  • Hershey’s chocolate bars

You’ll already have the other essentials—plates, napkins, and roasting sticks. If you want to mix it up a bit, consider buying Reese’s Pieces for the peanut butter lovers in attendance (or any other chocolate of choice). 

When dinner’s over, clear the table of the hot dog set-up and replace it with the S’more’s one. Similarly, guests can make their dessert when they’re ready, leaving you to focus on your own gooey creation. 

Feeling motivated? Why not try this simple but delicious campfire monkey bread recipe?

3. And Keep the Games Going

Food is the perfect way to break up any party, but you’ve got to have plans for the downtime, too. When hosting an outdoor party, holding various fireside games is one of the most important outdoor fire pit ideas. You don’t want anyone to leave feeling underwhelmed by the lack of entertainment!

Some fun options include:

  • Bringing back spooky storytelling (you can download a list of story prompts for creative inspiration)
  • Playing Telephone
  • Charades
  • Murder (a hilarious game that requires only participants—that can wink—to play)
  • For adults: Drink While You Think

You can have several games going at once, depending on how many are in attendance. Fireside festivities have never been so fun.

Are You Warming up to These Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas?

If you’ve never owned a fire pit but always wanted to, now’s the time. Fire pits are the perfect outdoor entertainment—from cooking hot dogs over an open flame to entertaining guests, they do it all.

Use these outdoor fire pit ideas for inspiration the next time you throw a get-together. Don’t forget to invite us!

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