3 Rules Of Headhunting Elite Sales Professionals






Businesses have been hunting elite sales professionals to increase sales. The competition and demand for b2b sales talent are at a historic high. The need and number of positions available for qualified talent are at an all-time high for the value they bring to the job.

If we talk numbers, around 86.2% of Sales Talent’s hires in 2017 were found through sales headhunting. Headhunted sales professionals are possibly more talented than the talent sourced from a job board. Therefore, they deserve special treatment.

If you have been trying to hire an elite sales professional, follow these 4 golden rules to seal the deal.

Make A Compelling Offer

Elite sales professionals have reached this status through hard work and strong sales momentum. These sales professionals are headhunted and offered lucrative salaries to get them on the team. Such qualified talent gets big offers from different firms, sales headhunter has to make an offer that stands out from the rest, hard to put down.

The first and foremost rule of headhunting elite sales professionals is to offer a compelling step up in their career. Consider their point of view, if they are willing to take on the role and satisfied with the significant step up.

Step up includes better pay, company culture, and working environment. If the raise in basic salary is what you are going after, it’s just not enough. Facilitate sales professional with different facilities along with the salary raise.


Understanding The Value Of Headhunted Professionals

A Sales Talent’s headhunting firm has to look through hundreds and thousands of potential candidates before hiring the right one that fits the opportunity.

To put into number, in 2017, the average Sales Talent search began with 974 prospects. The search ended with having 4.33 candidate that was eventually interviewed.

It took a lot of hours to get to the bottom of the funnel. It takes time to get the “close enough” talent or “on target” candidates to find someone fit for the job.

With many hours invested, there is a possibility that you may frustrate a sales professional and they begin to consider other offers. Take a simpler and faster route and if these candidates are mismanaged, it would be turbulent to find the right hire.

Change Your Approach

Most HR and sales leaders want to hire elite sales professionals with the same approach as other job candidates. What they need to know is that they may not desperately pursue a job opportunity as they are already employed. It’s you who has to go the extra mile to hire them.

It would be foolish to expect them to walk into the interview just waiting to be hired. They have a lot to lose, so, get ready to answer thoughtful and detailed questions. Expect them to ask about the firm, product/services, salary, terms and conditions, and more.

Lastly, once you understood the above rules, it’s time to execute them wisely. If actions are not taken timely, they may start to look at other opportunities. Search Chicago recruiters to get best-headhunted sales professionals

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