3 Safety Tips for Late Night Drives in the UAE

You’re not just paranoid; driving at night is more dangerous than during the day and the reason behind that is due to reduced visibility at night. We simply can’t see!

When you can’t see clearly ahead of you, you won’t quite know when to stop and how much distance to keep between you and other cars on the road!

Driving at night is a challenge, regardless of the place. Whether you are driving on a highway, a city road, or in the countryside, there are multiple risks involved in nighttime driving.

You might think that bright lights will make you see better and therefore, solve the problem, not paying attention to the fact that the glare reflecting from high beam lights will make things way worse.

Driving safely protects you and maintains the value of your car at the same time. Here are some tips for safe driving at night time in the UAE:

●    Keep your headlights on

High beams were specifically made for driving in regions with low visibility and using them at night is a no-brainer for two main reasons that you probably already know. First, to see what’s ahead of you at night, and second, to make yourself visible to other motorists on the road.

Don’t assume it’s an easy task though. Sometimes, even some of the best drivers have a hard time switching between bright and dim lights.

You should make sure that your headlights are adjusted correctly for height and direction because if they are pointing too high they will blind other drivers coming your way, and if they’re pointing too low, you’ll lose a lot of the lighting that you’ll need for driving at night.

Know how to use your beams because you will need them often. This is especially true as your night vision will get worse with age, and the older you get, the more light you will need to see clearly.

●    Combat Fatigue

Fatigue counts up to around 30% of deadly accidents in the UAE and it is particularly dangerous as it makes it very hard for the driver to tell how tired they are.

It might be a result of lack of rest, long drives like a road trip, or driving in times when you should be asleep (1-6 am) when your biological clock makes you feel tired so you go to bed and have some rest.

When you experience signs of fatigue, such as yawning, sore eyes, or trouble keeping your head upright, you should pull over and take a break from driving. Go grab a drink that’ll wake you up, or call someone to come get you because it is not safe for you to drive.

The worst sign of fatigue will be nodding off while you’re driving. You’ll go into unintended, mini comas of light sleep that last, hopefully, for no longer than a few seconds. Though sometimes you might zone off for a couple of minutes so you must avoid getting to this stage at all costs. This sign will lead to drifting over lanes, variations in driving speeds, and will get you into lethal accidents.

Don’t be one of those reckless, sleepy drivers that risk their life and every life on the road. Make sure you are well-rested before going on long drives and if you get tired on the way, don’t be shy to take as many breaks as you want.

Be especially careful during the holy month of Ramadan as fasting and the shifts in sleep patterns lead to more fatigue, and therefore, an increased number of collisions in the UAE.

●    Don’t over-speed

Just because it’s nighttime is not an excuse to go over the speed limit. On the contrary, at night when you can barely see anything in front of you, you should be extra careful and slow down.

The city of Dubai never sleeps, and as you will still encounter a lot of drivers at night, you should stick to the speed limit to avoid traffic violations, penalties by the traffic authorities, and to ensure everyone’s safety.

There is also always a chance that a pedestrian hastily tries to cross the street, and when you are overspeeding, there is no way you have enough room or space to brake off and prevent what could be a fatal accident from happening.

Always drive at a reasonable pace, keep an eye on the road, and don’t drive at a fluctuating speed to not confuse other drivers around you.

These tips are for all drivers, whether young or seasoned ones. It is not a matter of how long you’ve been sitting behind the steering wheel because low visibility at night is a challenge for every driver. Drive safely to secure the value of your vehicle in case you want to sell any car in Dubai.

Author: Mohamad Omari from CarWise.ae


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