3 things to know before visiting Malta

Maltese people are friendly and welcoming, and the country itself is beautiful. However, there are three things you should know before going:

Most of the population is vaccinated against Covid

COVID vaccinations have been delivered in doses totaling at least 818,593 in Malta thus far. It would be enough to vaccinate around 81.4% of the country’s population if everyone received the recommended two doses of the vaccine. Malta delivered an average of around 734 doses per day during the most recent reported week. If the current pace continues, it will take 137 days to treat the remaining 10% of the population.

Malta has many historical sites. Choose top 5 to visit during your stay

In the heart of the Mediterranean, on an exquisite archipelago, lies the small country of Malta. This island country is full of history and Maltese culture, stretching back to 4,000 B.C. on its golden beaches and blue waters.

Sliema is an excellent place to start.

The northeastern Maltese town of Sliema, which means ‘peace,’ is a popular tourist destination. After years of serving as an exclusive summer retreat for the wealthy Valletta inhabitants, this hamlet has evolved into a bustling shopping, socializing and entertainment destination.

The Cathedral of St. Julian the Apostate

Situated north of Valletta, St Julian’s (also known as San Giljan) is small. It used to be just a fishing community named after a patron saint known as ‘Julian the Hospitaller’ or ‘Julian the Poor.’ Several upscale hotels and restaurants line the shoreline, making it a popular tourist destination for nightlife and tourism.

In the region known as Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk, a traditional Maltese fishing village, is a lot more laid back. It’s known for its open-air fish market every day and multiple World War II military installations in addition to its picturesque harbour complete with colourful fishing boats.

Because of its convenient location, Marsaxlokk has been a favourite destination for travellers since the Phoenicians first arrived here in the 9th century BCE. During Roman and Arab rule, the port served as a base for their navies and the Ottomans during the Siege of 1565.

The Bay of Fundy (aka Golden Bay)

The rocky shoreline on the beach’s northern end makes for great snorkelling. Locals and visitors alike flock to Golden Bay Beach in Malta, but it may get crowded during the summer months.

Mnajdra and Hagar Qim are the other two candidates.

Maltese megalithic temples Hagar Qim and Mnajdra should be on everyone’s bucket list. They’re two of the world’s oldest holy sites, separated by only around 500 meters.

What is the best way to discover Malta’s crystal-clear waters?

The best way to discover Malta’s crystal-clear waters is to rent a boat from maltacharters.com. Visit Malta and take advantage of the boat hire in Malta service for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As you save this once-in-a-lifetime experience, cruise the seas in elegance. For most visitors to Malta, renting a boat is the best way to see the quiet island surrounded by the sea.

Therefore they do it. It is possible to access several beaches and a wide range of attractions by using boat services. In Malta, boat hire is convenient because you can use the vessel exclusively for the duration of your reservation. Here are a few pointers when renting a boat in Malta.

If you want to be sure you will get on the boat, make your plans far in advance of your departure date. Every season brings a large number of visitors hoping to take advantage of the beautiful views around the waters of Malta. As a result, reserving your boat as early as possible is highly recommended to avoid being stranded if your plans change.

As previously stated, if you want to secure the best boat, you must reserve early. If you’re interested in renting a boat in Malta, your travel agent can help you arrange it. Alternatively, you can find the contact information for boat rental companies in Malta on numerous travel websites and contact them directly by phone or email.


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