3 Ways to Sell Designer Handbags For Cash

If you have an old handbag you want to sell, there are several ways to sell it. These options are Fashionphile, Tradesy, ThredUp, and Shop Linda’s Stuff. However, you must be very thorough when selling your bag to avoid getting cheated.


If you have a beautiful designer handbag that you want to sell for cash, you should try Tradesy. The app lets you list your item right from your smartphone. You can also remove the background from photos and include a brief description about your handbag. There are different categories on the site, including fashion, wedding, and accessories. There is also a section that is exclusive to designer handbags. Tradesy takes 19.8% of the selling price of the item.

Once you have set up an account on Tradesy, you can list as many items as you want. You can also list an unlimited number of items without paying any fees. The listing process involves taking three photographs of your item and writing a short description about it. You can also set the price, if you want to, and the buyer will be able to contact you if he or she wants to buy it.


If you are tired of paying the exorbitant price for your favorite designer bag, consider selling it for cash. You can also turn to websites like Fashionphile, which resells designer handbags for cash. It may not sound glamorous, but the idea behind the website is simple. If you want to sell your designer handbag for cash, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

First, you should know that Fashionphile only buys authentic designer goods. In order to prevent sell designer handbags for cash counterfeiters from making profit, this online company has developed their own software, which can detect counterfeits in three major classes of designer handbags. The software has a 100% accuracy rate. Additionally, Fashionphile has developed an algorithm for pricing that is based on inventory sales. You can submit your designer handbag for sale through their website to receive an offer in a few business days. The offer you receive will reflect the demand for your handbag. The company also accepts seasonal and out-of-trend luxury handbags.

Aside from online resale, Fashionphile also has a physical showroom in Carlsbad, California. This showroom has 20,000 handbags for customers to choose from. The showroom is open to local customers, but locals can shop the handbags through their website.

Shop Linda’s Stuff

If you’re looking for an online store to sell your designer handbag, look no further than Linda’s Stuff. The site offers free photography and a personal consultation. It also offers free pre-paid shipping labels. The company also offers frequent promotions and offers a high sell-through rate.

Unlike online stores that pay cash for used pawn designer bags designer handbags, Shop Linda’s Stuff pays store credit in lieu of cash. You can sell your designer handbag for up to 70% off with this site. Listings are designed by their in-house team, and they take professional photos. The site also pays up to 80% of the sale price. Plus, the site also offers free mail-in bags.


Linda’s Stuff is hosted on eBay, so their merchandise is visible to an international clientele. In exchange, Linda’s Stuff pays consigners up to 80 percent of the selling price for designer items, 75 percent for lesser-priced goods, and 62 percent for less expensive items. The website also provides free pick-up service for unsold items. Non-authentic designer goods will require a fee of $20.


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