4 habits to make online poker more profitable in 2021

You have done your study off the table, put in countless hours with dedication and focus on the tables and worked on studying your opponent’s better. Online poker in 2021 has seen a massive boom due to the pandemic and every wave of poker booms bring in fishes to the shore…along with some sharks! It’s an exciting year for playing poker online in India as there are entire tables of fishes up and running with pros entering waiting list salivating at the thoughts of getting a seat in. If you find yourself struggling to wrap your 2021 poker profitably, we are here to help and make your green line go up. Today we will share with you 4 tricks that will help you take a bigger piece of the pie in the fish infested waters of 2021 keyword

1.  Be wiiiiide in the button- Button is the power position on the poker table, here you get to open hands you don’t get to play anywhere else. It is the most profitable position on the table, so it makes sense to go H.A.M on the button, experiment with hands you don’t usually play, fight for marginal eve. You will be surprised at how many folds you get from incompetent big blinds and small blinds. I cannot stress this enough, properly defending a wide enough range in the SB and BB is a complicated and sophisticated process that requires a lot of knowledge of theory and experience in executing it along with solid ranges, exploit them, most of them don’t defend nearly enough hands.

2.  Get rakeback and signup bonuses- Nowadays leading trusted poker affiliates like poker launcher give you upto 60% rakeback and a mind-boggling signup bonus of upto 200% of your deposit. Why wouldn’t you grab this free edge, it makes no sense not to. Rakeback is not a luxury, signup bonuses are not a luxury. They are only a luxury if you play poker for fun, it is necessity if you are looking to win. So get that free value, poker rooms want you to be loyal to them and they are happy to reward you for it!

3. Study more efficiently- You think you are studying when you watch a pro game with high level players but you are not, you only start studying when you start watching those games with a notebook. You think you are studying when you watch random educational YouTube videos on poker but you are not. You only start studying when you watch your educational content in a structured manner and work through exercises for all the theory you learn. Studying needs to be an efficient aggressive process not a passive lackadaisical one. Go through only 10 hands in your hand history review, but analyze them to death. Watch one video a day but note down everything of utility from it and execute on what you learned in your games. When you watch courses, watch them with structure, only moving to the next section when you are confident in the last as every facet of poker strategy is connected so intimately, everything leads or segues into everything else. Structure is critical. Don’t reinvent the wheel, it’s a pointless exercise. It’s an exciting year for poker sites in India as there are entire tables of fishes up and running with pros entering waiting list salivating at the thoughts of getting a seat in.

4. Exploit obvious weakness/imbalance- Don’t assume too much, assumptions are a necessary evil for every poker player. Give every player the benefit of reasonable doubt. But if someone is showing obvious weakness in multiple pots from multiple positions against multiple opponents. You need to start making all the important adjustments to exploit them for the maximum profit you can while not opening yourself to exploitation. Assuming too much also means assuming someone is a good player after they have made 7 bad plays in a row, that’s go time, that’s the time to make your night a whole lot greener! Exploit imbalanced aggression and passivity mercilessly

Remember it is much more important to make a sustainable profit and play you’re a-game in your downswing than it is to hit a big score, while it’s certainly nice to hit one and the appeal of chasing one is undeniable occasionally, don’t rely on them. Rely on a well-executed fundamentally strong poker strategy, it will never let you down and a 100% make you profits in the long run. We hope 2021 is one of the most profitable poker years for you!


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