4 main things you should look at before buying a water pump in Kenya

Water scarcity and flooding here in Kenya have always been a challenge. To overcome this challenge you can opt to buy a pump. To discover the 3 main things you should look at before buying a pump and the types of pumps you can buy for different pumping purposes, read on.

If you want to pump water from your borehole or well into your swimming pool, farm, or house or to remove flooded water after heavy rains from your farm or home, you have to purchase a high-quality pump. So, what do you look for before buying a pump?

Rate of water flow from the source to the discharge point

Water pump capacity is measured in GPM discharge. The discharge detects how fast and powerful the water is pumped. The flow rate is measured in gallons/minute. If you want water to be pumped faster you must look for a pump with a high discharge. The higher the discharge capacity the higher the water pumps price in Kenya

Lift of the vertical suction

The lift helps you know the vertical distance between the water source and the water pump. If you are buying a pump to drain a flooded area or a pod you should consider the ventricle distance for ease in your draining activity.

Lift of the maximum head

The lift helps you know the total height between the pump placed at the water source and the discharge point. The figure indicates the pump power and the distance it can move water. The higher the figure the higher the water pump prices in Kenya.

The type of the pump

There are many types of pumps depending on the type of liquid they pump and the distance they are pumping the liquid

The pumps that pump water from the water source to the discharge point are discussed below.

Submersible pump – This is a pump that you submerge in the water fully. It is not primed to start working because it is already fully submerged in the water. It cannot be used when outside the water due to overheating.

Water boosting – This pump increases the pressure energy of the water forcing it to flow faster through the pumping pipes. It provides water from low pressure.

Self-priming pump – This pump is pleased above the water and starts to work when filled with water. It is used to transfer water from one tank to another or empty a tank or drum.

Borehole pump – This pump is submerged in the borehole to pump water from the borehole.


The price of a water pump depends on the uses of the pump, the features, and the type of the pump. It is up to you as a buyer to decide which pump you should buy depending on the work you want the pump to do for you. For more information about available water pumps in Kenya, please visit

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